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Commodity house is common problem of 9 great quality

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Door window: (1) door window is frame-up (2) paint falls off (warp of the door inside 3) , door plank craze (accessory of hardware of 4) door window is rusty, door lock takes off reed;
Wholesome clean provides: (1) wholesome clean provides link water of drop, ooze (2) enters the water not unobstructed;
The ground: (Strike of 1) ground air, craze, rough whole (water of 2) ground ooze;
Face brick sets stick: (1) is arranged irregular, juncture is inhomogenous (2) glazed pottery is roused for nothing, edge damage (3) glaze craze (4) warp, the surface is rough whole;
Aluminium alloy window: (Photograph of 1) casing fan is touched, shut lax (2) sealing strip, wool brushs a shortage (3) is sealed close lax, inward ooze water;
Metope plasterer: (1) metope removes alkaline desquamate (2) chap (3) coating encounters water to fall off;
Electric equipment illume: (1) switch, electrical outlet is installed tilt (2) electrical outlet is short of or short circuit;
Give water system tube-shaped part: (Sky of 1) water meter goes (2) valve is shut lax (3) valve takes off silk, join a drop water (4) shut-off valve is rusty influence water quality (5) bracket installation;
Discharge water system all: (1) floor drain, conduit jams (2) urinal not free (canal of the 3) blowdown outdoor is illogical free.

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