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What is to check and accept a building

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When the person that buy a house expropriates house property, must ask the bargainor accompanies on-the-spot examine test again, look to whether change somewhat, whether to ask to had undertaken maintaining transforming by the contract, maintenance transforms quality and level satisfactory, whether is relevant document accorded with, neat congruent, answer careful examine check. Buy room person to undertake to the building the building hands over key of the odd, building that get check and accept and be subscriptioned only, the consign obligation that develops business just calculates fulfill end.

Although you cannot master afore-mentioned professional test house methods, irrespective, before because be in,you enter a village, the property management company that you are in a village and development business are signed before entrusting property government agreement, come from the trouble of the body or dispute to decrease major general, they are acting already you are all to the village the house undertook quality is checked and accept, here you might as well understand property management company to concern " check and accept with take-over the item of property " additional, I remind the new regulation that you did not forget to the country trades to the building even, namely: When commodity house consign is used, open to booking a person to must be offerred to person of purchase in advance " guarantee of quality of commodity room house " and " residential operation instruction handbook " , its and contract have coequal law effectiveness.

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