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Check and accept a house

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After reading those materials, can check and accept a house basically, kevin adviser hints: Mo of ┪ of suddenly of post add of grey  of dogwood formic alkyne pounds rostellum of the postscript that delay eyebrow to offspring Huan Ding  of lip of fear of a keeper of domestic animals admires   wall melt sole  Qi dips in? of Huan Douyan of Pai of coal Xi  from property, should have floor key respectively, receive a door key, mailbox key, water meter, electric meter (if have,copy a watch remotely additional) wait for a few. Can be the same as property personnel to go together in the house then. (Remember taking those tools)
1) checks building quality in detail, include the place such as door window, balcony to have without craze phenomenon; (Balcony break risk is big)
[clew] : Pass time as a result of new building sky longer, there are a few dirts and building rubbish in the meeting in door window orbit, so must not very actuation, with window of pretty thrust sliding door, when one feeling has block to feel, examine carefully, after be clear about with broom, can look
Flatness of body of 2) examination wall, whether ooze water, whether to have break [clew] : Examine body of a few walls to whether have water mark especially, especially end face of sanitation of a few frontispiece, kitchen, outside the place such as the wall, be like some words, prove a cause as soon as possible without fail.
3) microscope ground, microscope ground has without circumstance of empty shell craze.
[clew] : Be like available beat, must enjoin accompany property personnel as soon as possible repair, can hit very easily in decorate otherwise wear floor, cloggy neighborhood concerns. Above 2-3 usable tool small hammer and feet of a place of strategic importance.
Expedite circumstance mixes coal of 4) water and electricity whether use normally. Big bibcock checks leakage to block up, make flow a bit bigger, a bit rapidder as far as possible, will look hydraulic, 2, will try catchment speed. (General new building can match a simple and easy bibcock to give owner) . Measure each strong weak report with avometer expedite.
[clew] : Close minute of gate, the examination divides brake to control each branch route whether completely individually.
5) checks and accept next water situations, contain water with face basin first, again to enter the water individually water is in fill, it is stage basin enters the water respectively, bath crock enters the water, closestool enters the water, kitchen and sanitation and balcony floor drain, basic it is every enter the water mouth should fill enters two water left and right sides, the voice that should hear murmur verbose and surface do not have seeper.
[clew] : After doing these, affirm sure, should highlight these as soon as possible enter the water (if stage basin enters the water, bath crock enters the water, closestool enters the water) take one polybag to overspreading water mouth, try to bind again solid, and wait like floor drain enter the water need a place of strategic importance is true (the positional) that remembers staying to be able to pull tear off.
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