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Of knowledge controlling a house----Instruct your test house 4 court

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When building consign is used, the person that buy a house wants to be offerred according to buying room contract and development business " two books " undertake checking and accept to the building, the content that general situation should examine has:

① housing quality: The basis builds a department newest those who release " housing project and complete of municipal infrastructure project are checked and accept put on record run temporary measure " , since May 1, 2000, complete is checked and accept hold the position of by qualitative check station no longer, after combining produce the expected result by all directions of unit of manage of design, inspect, construction and construction unit however, be in after project complete inside 15 days to city, area two class are built appoint conduction complete puts on record. Accordingly, him resident should undertake to the building quality is checked, if wallboard, ground has,wait without break; Switch of inspection door window is flowing, have had not had large crack.

② adornment, decorate data standard: In the contract that buy a house, the adornment when buyers and sellers should be used to building consign, decorate a standard to have detailed agreement, include: Window of use material of wall of inside and outside, end face, ground, door is used makings; Kitchen and toilet, the standard of use establishment and brand; The brand of elevator and rise falling comfortable pitch to wait.

③ water, report, tracheal line supplies a case: When examining this respect case, should see these cop whether be installed above all reach the designated position, whether is outlet of indoor power source, antenna, line installed all ready; Its enter the water on less important examination whether unobstructed, whether do all sorts of report line of force have the requirement that uses actually.

The check and ratify of ④ building area: Any commodity houses are used in consign when, must measure an unit to undertake check and ratify to area of each flatlet house via having the major of aptitude, reach actual measurement area. Accordingly, when oneself are checked and accept, want to have the area that agrees in area of this actual measurement and contract checking only, can be informed an area to have free of error. The error is bigger, business puts forward and should talk things over in time to development settle way.

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