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Of all kinds check and accept a word you know

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Major is checked and accept is to point to the regulation of the law of administration department according to such as fire control of program, public security, people's air defense, code, to commodity house construction project fulfils project newspaper to build those who examine and approve item circumstance place to make to examine and approbate.
Complete is checked and accept is to show estate develops a business (next weighing that develop a business) after the conventional matter that designs file and contract by the project in commodity house builds, according to is mandatory the unit such as manage of inspect of reconnaissance of project standard organization, design, construction, project, be versed in to housing and the municipal and public facilities that build by formulary form a complete set of Cheng quality maintain.
Be being checked and accept integratedly is to show construction administration is in charge of a branch to organize concerned administration department to build what place of circumstance of the content that public safety involves in the project and form a complete set of construction of municipal and public facilities makes to maintain to commodity house. After commodity house builds project experience to receive qualification, square but consign is used; Close without check or check and accept unqualified, do not get consign to use.

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