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Control a house, do first " systemic check-up "

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Period room becomes eventually show a house, to buying a house person for, without gladder than taking room key thing. But, last year Hangzhou a few buildings dish performed " owner collective rejects to control a house " incident, among them many because discover when test house actual condition and contract plan to exist to come in and go out greatly and be caused relatively,be.
The more and more rational person that buy a house delivers the quality that values a building more nowadays, test house also makes a crucial process in the process that buy a house. When controlling a house, contrast the contract is pie-eyed, do to the house " systemic check-up " , window of circuit, conduit, floor drain, door, metope... cannot little.

Test house is dissatisfactory do not take the key
Character: Mr Yun
Test house property: Some building of area of Shanghai general Tuo dish

Experience an account in one's own words: Last year December, I receive an announcement, some building that I buy in Shanghai before this dish complete, will make a room on December 26. After the course awaits for a long time will own a building formally eventually, the mood in those days fastens Titus Shu Lang. Those who spend christmas day is on Monday the following day, I ask for leave to the company excitedly ground is driven toward the selling office, after dealing with a series of formalities that make a room, content canal sent maintenance technician of a village, taking the key, there is urine bucket to take me to go in the hand test house.

Test house the first pace, it is the door that checks unit floor and door card function, very fast I discover this existence indisposition: Open it is difficult to be shut easily. Usual gate, open enter indoor hind need to be taken gently only can shut, but person of this door need relies on ability to shut.

Test house the 2nd pace is to enter the door to experience the light. The light of this house is very good really, of pretty light, give a person a kind of very comfortable sense. I see there is electric lamp switch on snow-white wall, pressed casually, the result discovers all rooms do not have bulb. Then I do a test with the mobile phone charger that carries, looked for socket to insert casually, mobile phone screen is without show charging meaning, I of unwilling to give up looked for another electrical outlet to check, still do not have charging evidence. The result discovers finally, the ammeter of original oneself does not have report at all!

The house that does not have electrify is check for certain did not go down, I call maintenance technician to remember those a moment ago detail on test house sheet. Returning property management to be in had been midday at 12 o'clock, the person that takes my check room walks to let me sign on test house sheet, good give me the key. I must remind everybody here, before before long, saw a program of channel of CCTV legal system, say the person that buy a house must notice, when when development business makes room key to your hand, the total liability of this house is handed in in your hand, later whole thing is assumed by your individual, because this must not be below your dissatisfactory circumstance,sign on test house sheet take the key. This word I am impressive, so I insist not to sign, the key also is not received. One says according to weighing the person that is property company director, you do not sign not to take the key, do not take the key to cannot live. It is OK that I say to want to sign, but besides the name that signs me on test house sheet, can be I written again on has test house been illogical? His answer says to be no good. I say that did well the house to inform me of new test house again after you.
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