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The proposal establishs test house group but test house division gets id card ha

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Many accurate owner ask where to can find professional test house division, the public figure that also has many house property bldg. wants to try water test house this group course of study.

Somebody puts an advertisement house of test of person thinking a side

Do in numerous offer one's services " test house division " philtrum, mr Chen already the swift-footed arrive first. He tells a reporter: Be in early January 2006 portion, he has taken aim went up test house this big " cake " , in Hangzhou put an advertisement on some media " carry on the test stop work for the day of room of of all kinds new delivery is made " .

"The flatness of wall body, sky is roused, door window balcony has craze appearance; Whether does project of water and electricity have slack, jam wait for a problem; The brand of the facilities facilities that makes clear on business contract and amount whether conform to is waited a moment, these I can be checked. " Mr Chen says, the room of a 100 much square metre looks, want the time that spends a long time. As to collect fees, he expresses, "The house that 150 square metre control, general 150 yuan, 200 yuan; Can talk things over according to actual area. Can talk things over according to actual area..

Mr Chen says, he is 2 class are registered create division, had done house property project, adornment to decorate a project, build to building land, of project of take cover engineering check and accept very familiar. "Previously, consign of friend bridal chamber, decorate finishing, can look for me help guard a pass. Of course, those are free. " he expresses, this take second place advertises so house of test giving a person, was to suffer Nanjing and other places " person of the same trade " inspire.

Besides Mr Chen, still have fur coat young lady, uncover a gentleman, thoroughfare many house property such as Mr Mao of the city build industry public figure, also expressed huge interest to test house industry. Mr Ma that once had made project inspect run thinks, test house can reduce the loss with needless owner not only, also can promote development trade at the same time more serious ground makes a product.

The reader suggests to establish test house group

Mr Yuan bought to be located in bank the house of the river, second half of the year developed business to inform owner goes controlling a house last year. Ground of summit of a happy summit drives Mr Yuan to bridal chamber, discover house problem however one pile: Enter a gate rubiginous mark has a very thick pipe inside toilet of full of stains or spots, kitchen bare outside... through bargaining, development business promises to rectify and reform, but up-to-date still do not have any activity.

Experienced disturbance of this test house, as " layman " Mr Yuan feels, the person that seeks a professional know the business accompanies test house, be too important really, "Morning paper can combine disappear assist wait for a branch, organize group of room establishing test together, safeguard the rights and interests of our owner? Safeguard the rights and interests of our owner??
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