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The person that Hangzhou buys a house asks person test house sadly arisen

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The person that Hangzhou buys a house asks person test house sadly arisen
The personage inside course of study oppugns: Beautiful money asks person test house, can let a person be at ease

A few days ago, mr Pan of Hangzhou takes a heart the test house division of studio of complementary test house, spend the 150 Chong Wen apartment that purchase more to have on-the-spot test house to oneself. After the event, he paid 100 multivariate check room fee to test house division.

As we have learned, only this year first half of the year, hangzhou has delivery of many 13000 bridal chamber. Hand in the advent of room height as Hangzhou, like Mr Pan such dimension authority consciousness compare strong citizen increasingly grow in quantity, also urge heated up the new travel archives that does not know formerly for person place -- " test house division " .

The time that division of professional test house appears in Hangzhou is not long. From this year 23 month begin, heart complementary, coolie arms, 100 think of buy wait for orgnaization of professional test house in succession emerge in large numbers, in much time of short half an year, house of the test that ask a person is in Hangzhou become common practice.

Flower one, house of 200 yuan of test that ask a person, basically be for check be at ease, this represented nowadays the idea of many owner. "Buy a house to always think quality is a bit better, but him owner often is not very professional, and house value ratio is older, cost 100 multivariate house of the test that ask a person, also calculate content to be worth somewhat. Although level of test house division is not certain very good, but mainer than course of study major. " Mr Pan tells a reporter, the problem that discovers when test house has two kinds, one kind belongs to respect of sex of building design, structure, if the layer is tall lower, this kind of problem is changed harder; Another kind involves small quality issue, in principle can be rectified and reform. He already had been communicated with development business, development business also expresses to be willing to rectify and reform. He expresses " compare satisfaction to test house on the whole " , think " this kind of division of labor is necessary quite " .

Test house division with " catfish " attitude appears, also caused a few far-sighted to develop the attention of business. According to introducing, the development business of grail of development bank Jiang Mou asks test house division technically to go lecture, let test house division selective examination this building dish be about to the source of a batch of rooms of consign.

Good and evil people mixed up of team of test house division, urgently standard

So, house of test of test house division after all check some what? According to heart the Zhou Wei grand of studio of complementary test house introduces, basically be the quality problem inside test house, this attributes the detail problem of engineering construction respect. Whitewash for instance quality, water and electricity, wait to catchment. He listed bridal chamber to the reporter a few " common disease " : Sky of metope, ground is roused; Toilet is waterproof layer leakage; The door window material, quality problem that installs a respect; Did not use safe glass by national regulation; Sewer gradient is insufficient, catchment not free is waited a moment. As to public position, wait like stair width, also be their probation.
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