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On-the-spot test room looks 19 detail surely

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In you preparation is controlling a building before signing on the book, careful test house is indispensable, test house should include following content: Earth is built, decorate, use establishment of report, wholesome appliance, guard against theft and other establishment a replacement to catchment, illume. Specific can include the following 19 detail.
Earth is built check and accept

1, exterior of floor space whole does not appear tilt, the bridge inside the room, column, wall does not have apparent dimension deviation (take tape measure please) ;

2, do not appear face of metope, floor, smallpox apparent break;

3, batch swing a layer not break of chelonian of be patient of, desquamate, case trachoma and wait for blemish frothily;

4, the processing of the ministry is united in wedlock to answer between door window and wall body level off, drop horn without edge damage.

Check and accept to catchment

5, do not have ooze water to the place receiving refute between drainpipe, especially of plastic pipe receive refute;

6, it is normal that all water larynx gives water case, toilet bowl is not slack, conduit crack-free, each interface part is sealed and good;

7, gradient of ground of kitchen, toilet, balcony is enough, floor drain does not have block, catchment is rapid;

8, in hutch, lavatory the water that do bubble experiments 24 hours, without leakage phenomenon, among them: (1) point of tube of ground leakage wall is not due waterlogging gives the wall outside coming; (2) not due water from hutch ooze of lavatory edge foundation arrives metope of hall, room, foundation; (3) superstratum resident hutch lavatory, the water inside the balcony should not come the smallpox with your corresponding home below ooze (should check mouth of smallpox lamp holder, standpipe particularly all round) ; (4) the smallpox below roofing and corner, metope (especially all round the window) not due the trace of rainwater infiltration (in heavy rain it is advisable to will be checked afterwards inside two days) .

Electric check and accept

9, the sensitivity of the battery main switch inside check make the rounds of the wards and protector of leakage of electricity (it is commonly move electric equipment in order to press to detect from some button observes protector whether the job is accurate) ;

10, the examination is indoor trend of electrical wiring laid is reasonable with beautiful;

11, whether was 3 lines electrical outlet already installed receive good ground wire;

12, switch of lamps and lanterns is normal, socket can deny electrify (do not prevent the content such as razor can charge to experiment on the belt) ;

13, doorbell, call the police it is normal whether the system works.

Decorate check and accept
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