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Capital of test house division appears

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Recently, a kind of new line of business -- test house division is in Beijing arisen, they suffer owner to entrust check and accept bridal chamber, give new building technically " carping " . The examination content of test house division includes: Building construction, door model, area whether with contract conform to, whether does ground metope ceiling have appearance of interstitial, leakage, give, catchment whether unobstructed, have between door window and wall body wait without ram.

The foundation is current of Beijing " prices " , check and accept a 80 square metre, the charge of room of semifinished product of 90 square metre is 600 yuan, this price basically is test house division " start valence " .

As we have learned, at present test house division has not include labor and social security ministry the national profession that announce, the test house orgnaization that registers in door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry does not exceed 10. The test house division inside course of study is a level mostly uneven " stragglers and disbanded soldiers " , the professional knowledge that even division of manage of a few architect, inspect depends on him takes work under the counter. Test house division people also encounter many bewilderment in the job, a few people are mirrorred, a lot of new-style residence products cannot find an applicable national check mark to allow in quality respect, make residential quality detects " cannot can depend on " ; Business of a few development " the law nots comply " , to building a department " project standard is mandatory article " regulation of medium proclaimed in writing does not grant to carry out. (according to Xinhua News Agency)

Comment on: As ordinary common people, process middling is checked to often be in weak force in the quality of a large amount of a few consumption, sheet relies on to individual strength is judged hard and hold issue of a few quality, so test house division is in Beijing and other places more and more the reception that gets owner. Besides test house, still housing is decorated, the quality such as decorate of car of home of computer outfit machine, illicit checks and accept a problem, average consumer is very difficult oneself are solved, our hope is authoritative orgnaization and technical staff will guard a pass. The proposal needs actually to create relevant profession sort as early as possible about sectional basis, strict hold the assessment of job seniority and admittance, perfect concerned code form a complete set, provide the service that leans firmly for common people truly.

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