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The benefit that help city saves municipal plan to cite dispute at stabilizing c

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In fact, the occurrence that building city saves city cry is by no means accidental. Go oneself since the end of the year, countrywide building city is in strong wait-and-see sentiment all the time in, clinch a deal the quantity is quick and atrophic. National hair changes appoint newest statistic data shows, before this year 7 months, countrywide commodity housing sells an area, no matter be,showing a house still is period room, all appeared however the fall of different level. Among them, area of sale showing a house drops compared to the same period 17.8% , amplitude drops compared to the same period 27.6 percent; Area of period room sale drops compared to the same period 8.2% , amplitude drops compared to the same period 42 percent. Meanwhile, before Shenzhen of city of building city heat, was to appear to be adjusted of house price considerably more break with " for " phenomenon, then building city " saves city " cry to take the lead in causing in Shenzhen.

Those who accompanying rate of estate market depression is ceaseless deepen, the cry that saves city " about " and controversy also upsurge again and again, although this kind argues to did not form consensus, but a few local government had begun to publish measure to try to be cardiac stimulant " of " of building city infuse. The practice of Xi'an city is among them, and before this, and other places of Henan, Shenyang also published similar " to promote real estate to develop the measure of " in succession. These measure include to reduce accumulation fund loan head pays scale, derate to trade the content such as tax cost, conduction registered permanent residence. According to the view of these local government, so the end that become makes estate restores namely, stimulative real estate develops.

Publish " to save the motive of city " policy to local government, I love me the analysis says Hu Jinghui of vise general manager of company of domestic estate broker, local government publishs the measure that help city in succession, the most immediate intention is gold of sell one's own things reduces land. He points out, gold of land sell one's own things is the important pillar of income of local government finance, a few estate develop generous town, gold of land sell one's own things should occupy the half above of finance income. The estate market that from last year second half of the year begins turns cold, make development business takes the land eagerly no longer, the finance income of local government got affect for certain.

Chinese estate and residential seminar vice-chairman consider Yun Chang to tell a reporter, if estate market lasts atrophic, may cause bigger effect to national economy. Local government saw this, another level local government also sees land market clinchs a deal since this year continuously low fan, among them the land of close half clinchs a deal with base price, the land of near 10% flows pat, this and the market last year formed very bright contrast, this also caused bigger effect to income of local government finance. Accordingly, to maintain the stability of estate market, local government can publish particular move necessarily.
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