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Aggravate of global credit crisis

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Dispatch of 21 centuries net occupies Peng rich news agency 22 days the report of a report of the Rightmove of house property website with cite the biggest England, as a result of aggravate of global credit crisis, british house price continued to drop September.

The report says, data of 22 days shows this website, british housing price fell every sets on average than August September 1% , to two hundred and twenty-seven thousand four hundred pound (add up to) of 414 thousand dollar about, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year drop 3.3% .

A chief says this website, estate market is at present fatigued and weak, this one condition still will last to the serious problem of mortgage loan market to get settlement.

18 days, england Lai of orgnaization of loan of mortgage of the 3rd big housing this the bank announces Ha Lifa of bank of loan of the as biggest as England already mortgage Ke Siyin comes to an agreement all right, will with 12.2 billion pound (add up to 21.85 billion dollar about) the price buys latter. Suffer the United States second shift crisis impact, ke Siyin of haing profit way goes pelter of net first half of the year this year gain 56% , price of 17 days of closing quotation is its stock only this year 1/5 when the beginning of the year.

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