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Bead final a person of extraordinary powers seizes trigonometry seaside land

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Our newspaper reporter learned recently, include 10 thousand divisions (000002) , green jade Gui Yuan (2007.HK) , in city of letter group, overseas Chinese (000069) and financial market (000402) wait for look forward to of many large house, already all knocked at present decide the intent encircling the ground in this island, the product configuration in the plan all is seaside travel real estate.

   Contend for benefit city

In the hassle of ” of resource of final seaside of “ of triangle of this contention bead, financial market accuses antedate to picked a card to harvest 2005 the bay of Xun small house that smooth peninsula can develop construction to make an appointment with 24 square kilometer with area of ground —— program together greatly most. The project of real estate of large and integrated travel that this case name is ” of “ gold bay has 16 kilometers coasting with the ground, majority area can enjoy high grade seascape, it is “ big bead trigonometry area is peerless, the high grade and thalassic ” that is in savagery.

Limited company general manager comes to course of study of buy of city of financial market benefit have celebrate tell a reporter, appear on the market at present company banking market accuses already was project of bay of benefit city gold to invest nearly 1 billion yuan. And directional this year in January add of hair add up to in 8.2 billion yuan of capital, 1/3 is use completely at benefit state project. If “ adds bank 50%~60% indebted, financial market add up to throws the capital of this project to be able to exceed 10 billion yuan. ”

As we have learned, golden bay project is located in the Maldives ” of another seaside resort of “ world, China surely; Its predict development cycle is 8~10 year.

Relevant data shows, benefit city regards “ as another name for Guangdong Province east the central area ” on coastal development axis, do not have with Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou seam join, become “ big bead trigonometry ” economy is new growth pole. Total output value increased this municipality first half of the year 2007 16% , amplitude is resided bead trigonometry 9 city the 3rd.

Hui Dongren makes the same score a peninsula developing zone of economy of proximate Daya Bay, lie between sea facies to look with Shenzhen roc peninsula. Benefit city makes the same score a peninsula to plan leader group at holding water to harvest in June 2004, entrust Shanghai to be the same as aid 3 major such as academy of academy of town planning design, design of Beijing Tsinghua town planning and academy of design of Chinese town planning are authoritative orgnaization, smooth to harvesting peninsula establishs industry and program of urban progress concept.

   Hold travel is landed

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