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Hangzhou reads ground manual near future to release

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Land market is considered as one of vane of building city all along. Below the case with building city wait-and-see at present strong mood, what land can Hangzhou city still have to had been plan of sell one's own things? A few days ago, bureau of natural resources of Hangzhou city land rolls out 2008 the 2nd period " the manual that read the ground " solved this one problem.

This manual was collected in all advocate 62 governments inside limits of the city zone lay in land, earthy floor accumulates 3118 mus, among them: The residence uses the land 33, earthy floor accumulates 1920 mus; Fair build with the ground 29, earthy floor accumulates 1198 mus. On area ratio of total sell one's own things period increase 877 mus, among them the residence increased 116 mus with the ground, fair build an area to rise considerably, increased 761 mus. These stay married land in, the majority appears somewhat in the manual reading the ground of first phase, also have a few lot that roll out first of course.

   Arch villa area becomes the large family that offer the ground

With first phase photograph of the manual that read the ground is compared, the large family that offer the ground had transformed arch villa division from river dry area.

Head period " the manual that read the ground " in planning to use the land for managing a gender, the river is dry area piece amount is the largest, in all 10 586 mus. Among them, the residence has 515.49 mus with the ground. And the land of dry area supplies this period river to still have rise, achieved 14, in all 704 mus. And of arch villa area exceeded Jiang Gan area greatly for the ground, achieved 19 899 mus.

The main supply of arch villa area is centered on rural plot, besides the plot that rolls out when first phase, this rural plot is added again turned many land, and be compared with the photograph of the manual that read the ground of first phase, this rural lot did not set referenced price generally. Not only such, besides rural plot, the referenced floor unit price of two ground of arch villa Ou Kangqiao still drops somewhat.

   Plot of Long Xiang bridge is worth to pay close attention to

Because weigh the sell one's own things of engine plant, 4 old old factory building remain ” of “ steamer factory, “ only Hangzhou one cotton ” and “ are new China 3 ground still are in group ” sell one's own things. Besides these 3 land, the land with another more flourishing a sector of an area also has very big allure.

Plot of the ” in the “ Long Xiang that is located in lakeside, use the land for commercial finance. This plot sell one's own things is 18.11 mus, cubage rate is not high, it is only 1.38. Because be located in the area of Yan'an distance business with the most flourishing Hangzhou, the price of this ground should is so far the land with the top price since sell one's own things. The referenced price that gives out in the manual that read the ground is 21527 yuan / square metre, total prices is 359 million yuan about.
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