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Hobo is built on busy streets tree

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“ is the mew of eagle that, so big? ” yesterday (on September 21) , chengdu citizen Li Xiang is transient road of big kind temple when one drugstore doorway, look up to discover distance ground has a tremendous check among 10 meters tall tree amazedly, frightened immediately jump. It is him not only, the passerby of come and go is attracted by ” of this tremendous “ bird's nest, stop in succession look curious. According to reporter spot observation, this nest is not bird's nest, however ” of “ person nest, how is a hobo his Home “ ” above the tree.

   Jing busy streets shows giant ” of “ bird's nest

The Li Xiang that lives in road of total government office comes off work to want to pass doorway of bank of Lu Guangda of big kind temple everyday, yesterday, when just when he walks along Guang Dayin,going, be attracted by ethereal flyer, look up to look, discovery has a ” of “ bird's nest on before door of smooth big bank 10 meters tall large tree.

Look carefully, he discovers ” of this “ bird's nest is very big, not be to use grass and branch mosaic, however raincoat and a few batt. Li Xiang's discovery drew the curiosity of a lot of passerby. Is “ eagle? Quirk is very much recently, so big nest. ”“ is impossible, I feel is the person lives above! ”

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter will to doorway of big bank of light of big kind temple see, this tree is 10 meters or so tall, and “ nest ” builds the crotch that controls the seat in on the tree 6 meters reliably to go up, do not pass this check very concealment, only from look up to look carefully toward way of way of total government office, ability sees. And observe according to the reporter, this nest is built by the thing such as raincoat, batt, it is factitious for certain.

   The tree on danger hobo builds “ nest ”

Who built ” of bird's nest of a “ in busy streets? The reporter crouchs here defend, want to see the real features of host of ” of “ bird's nest. Late 8 when make, go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, the pedestrian on the road begins to become little. Abrupt, a black photograph that arranges 1.7 meters high is rapid change falls to the tree, the reporter is worn street lamp looks, there is a polybag in this man hand, there is plastic bowl inside. He is holding a tree in the arms to begin upgrade to climb, skill is unready nevertheless, the crotch that climbs 2 meters or so to leave the ground begins to pant, holding in the arms truncal rested many seconds 10, next again upgrade climbs, midway rested many seconds 10 again, this ability mounts ” of “ bird's nest.

Classics reporter requests for many times, this man just comes from the climb down on the tree slowly. Nevertheless, he is maintaining 1 meter of right-and-left distances with the reporter from beginning to end. He tells a reporter, his surname week, many years old 40, guizhou person, chengdu comes before 3 months, demand the life everywhere, the ability before a month moves what the tree comes up to this. “ lives in roadside before me, canal having a city is driven, return somebody to mock me. ” him this lives is a month, as a result of young when work fell a suit ailment, he is incapable already now work again.
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