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Market of land of Nanjing office building or get warm again after a cold spell

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Pat through 20 rounds of contest, course of study of Zhang Jindong's subordinate Su Ning buy takes next Nanjing rivers with 429 million yuan yesterday on the west one plot, excessive price is adjacent 10% . This appears unusual in the cold and cheerless of market of countrywide land sell one's own things dazzling.

One-time yesterday 12 land that roll out clinch a deal 10, make more money of a day of land of Nanjing city that enter Zhang 2.8 billion yuan. The personage inside course of study points out: The get warm again after a cold spell of land market or the “ that were about to come on stage recently with Nanjing help city ” move relevant.

“ industry is awaiting the government to announce the news that help city finally, and taller now land becomes double ratio precedent, also help city ’ news with the ' that decides basically relevant. A local senior personage of hep inside information is opposite ” " daily of the first finance and economics " express clearly, according to the authoritative information that he gets, the policy information of industry of real-estate of good ” of final “ benefit is met at “ 11 ” grow false left and right sides to release, will involve land market possibly among them, and the establishment form a complete set of estate development earlier stage expends those who wait for relevant charge to cut down. And before the “ with very wide transmission of in the bookshops helps city ” rumor, involve about accumulation fund of standard of agree duty, high-grade room, individual loan specified amount is spent wait for each respect.

If before ' saves 11 ’ of ' of city ’ policy, “ is released, may make holiday building city has to clinch a deal the small height of the quantity, and the meeting is exciting October and the building city November trades, more likely the land market of two months after profit is good. The personage says to the reporter related a landed advisory orgnaization of ” Nanjing.

And to it before price of ” of biscuit of “ of prep above of price of “ flour ” is contrary, this development business buys “ flour ” , undertake pushing business accounting with price of “ biscuit ” . Among them, successful yesterday with base price 1.3 billion yuan of sell one's own things, the “ that be called is gigantic without bully the plot of Ji of swallow of dwell glow area of ” , be amounted to finally to come, China spin, contest of 3 companies combination gets Jin Ling, floor price 2496 yuan / square metre. The reporter understands, this area periphery is at present secondhand house price is 6000 yuan / square metre above, the personage inside course of study thinks according to current house price business accounting, this one price has certain competition ability in place.

The land price that the others clinchs a deal that day also on the low side, the land beyond plot of Nanjing downtown core clinchs a deal floor price is in 1000 yuan / square metre is the following, issue a river by local government division national endowment combines national endowment He Jianye on the west the finance of trade of a “ that contest gets and office, common management and service, municipal form a complete set and greenbelt ” , floor price also is 1005 yuan only / square metre.
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