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Newest civilian attune: 5Graduation of 7.6% undergraduates plan buys a house ins

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  To buying house fund source, 60.2% undergraduates hope to rely on him income only

  55.3% undergraduates choose bank loan

  38.0% undergraduates hope parents is aided financially

Doesn't “ have a house to want to marry? The Guo Feng Lei that ” university graduates one year follows a good friend to divulge, he wants to propose to a girl, the good friend is cast quickly on MSN come over this word, extra a chain of unknown factor: The 3 broad axe of problem ‘ that the girl gets surely before “ knows the boy proposes ’ ? The first, where person are you ah (are you native) ? The 2nd, is your person in live in? The 3rd, do you have brotherly sister? 3 problems are to ask you have individual housing actually! ”

Guo Feng Lei listened the good friend's ask a question can sigh only, the undergraduate that the country comes out, just began to work in Beijing, the housing that where comes to?

College graduate eve, guo Feng Lei is complete to his life conception it is another kind of appearance.

“ I apply for a job more successful, income also is a white-collar, I think I will be very fast economy is independent, buy a house next, marry, establish a family. I just know this now how not actual. The mainest is house problem. The Guo Feng Lei nowadays squeezes ” everyday the bus goes to work, those who live is the rental room of 10 square metre.

In fact, like the Guo Feng Lei of graduation eve confidence buys the undergraduate of room buy course of study, the number is quite sizable. Chinese youth newspaper office moves a center to pass the graduation to 4807 undergraduates that will graduate inside two years to buy a room to plan to undertake investigating last week, the result discovers the graduate of person plan college of 57.6% buys a house inside 5 years, the graduate of person plan college of 26.2% buys a house inside 10 years. The student that had not considered the issue that buy a house has 12.7% only, be willing “ hires a room for a long time to live the student of ” is only 3.6% .

Investigation returns discovery, draw near especially in school undergraduate the student of graduation, of the attention degree to house property information tall, how many beyond the expect of people: ” pays close attention to height of house price “ inside a year recently or the undergraduate of “ attention ” is occupied 56.1% , “ pays close attention to ” commonly also occupy 32.6% .

90 square metre are the following two rooms small family most accept undergraduate favour

Besides the schedule that buy a house, can susceptive buys room area to also divulge the undergraduate is right prospective confidence and blue print. This second investigation discovers, 6 the small family under 90 square metre housing can bear when thinking into much undergraduate he purchases the first building. Among them, the undergraduate of 11.7% chooses 50 square metre the following, the undergraduate of 22.2% chooses 51 ~ 70 square metre, the undergraduate of 29.4% chooses 71 ~ 90 square metre.
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