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Land management method edits 2 times undertake

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Learned from authoritative channel recently, " land management method " edit the 2nd times had formed inside ministry of land natural resources amend plan formally, it is important to be made to the droit of land of “ of the 2nd chapter and use ” among them revise. In maintain active country and collective land tenure to spend changeless premise to fall, “ collective builds the access that use the land to be able to be made over via approval hind, rent and guaranty ” .

“ uses rural collective construction the ground to be certainly legal praedial, build the whole nation's unified land access jurisprudence, be castigatory core target. ” is close to the message personage of ministry of land natural resources to say to the reporter.

This personage discloses, edit at present plan still stays in level of ministries and commissions, wait for after referring office of legal system of the State Council, ability seeks an opinion publicly and submit to National People's Congress is discussed. Because “ just is opposite each castigatory content is very careful, so this plan won't be in seventeen of this year October 3 in appear on plenary meeting, also want the most quickly when enter order of legal examine and verify first half of the year next year. ”

  Aggrandizement land access

Disclose according to afore-mentioned message personages, epicycle " land management method " edit develop the stress around “ land ownership and use ” . In delete collective of farmer of the 63rd “ the access of all land does not get the sell one's own things, foundation that make over or rents with Yu Fei agriculture builds ” to go up, put forward “ farmer collective to be passed lawfully first paid taking collective construction uses ground access, can make over after classics approval, ” of rental, guaranty, the collective construction that member of “ farmer collective acquires through free allocation uses ground access, can make over after classics approval, rent and guaranty ” .

“ this is ego country since founding a state, face urban and rural land to manage the breakthrough of pattern in state law layer first. Personage of ” this message discloses, at present the central principle to below one round of land reform is “ lets a farmer enjoy enough land to use ” of right of benefit other people first, break the binary pattern of the urban and rural access that use the land first namely, consider to undertake a breakthrough on land ownership again next.

“ land manages law faculty to belong to civil code system, the power of the content that use profit that limits organization of rural collective economy and member to use the land to building has be contrary to principle of civil code equality. A legal expert expresses ” , in " matter right law " carry out close already below setting of 1 year, the fair sex that counterpoises to using surface features adjusts extremely urgent.
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