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Observation: Piao of planning high and steep

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Observation: ? of Piao of planning high and steep drops " word becomes Jin Jiuyin of building city " 10 " are thematic

“ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” , in the traditional eye of building city go-between, 9, the season that October is results. ” of grain of Chu Haodong “ , good set his mind at to spend the New Year. This moment last year, building city is in summit summit, titter wears development business to call “ to go up all the way ” , install ” of “ sudden huge profits into barn, turn and go contest pats ” of king of an another “ ground. Time passes and the situation has changed, prices changeover, a “ drops ” word had been become this year “ Jin Jiuyin of 10 ” thematic.

Developing business place ejaculatory like: Time look one year, if suddenly separates an era. Building city from last year perch glides all the way, the price falls, clinch a deal the volume drops, development business received ” of “ autumn grain to grow enormous challenge. Some bibcock real estate has approval of the personage inside course of study “ drops the newest activity that ” has “ grain ” : This bibcock real estate depreciates greatly, go up objectively reclaimed capital of a huge sum, it is good to had ” of “ winter food keep out is cold.

Market phenomenon: Act boldly and with confidence from “ go up ” is brave in to fall to “ ”

Last week, high level of some bibcock real estate asks “ dares to depreciate, be brave in to depreciate the card of ” opened boiler in the blast on the net. Although its state this fabricates ” for “ netizen, but 8 buildings that its are in Shanghai dish be equivalent to 8 fold sales promotion acts mid-autumn, it seems that confirm the view on the net.

Of afford for thought is, when the Wang Shi at the beginning of this year casts a ” of “ inflection point to talk, still cause the PK of industry, the person that answer is very few. This, it is the bibcock real estate that takes the lead in depreciating not just, guangzhou is other the follow-up after much home mainstream develops business confused dispute to fear first, hit folding length to spend to compare a firm: 8.8 fold, 7.6 fold, still have many buildings dish flat fold with ”(5 of “ cutting sb in two at the waist) valence expresses sincerity …… a lot of people have to this seem the move that ever was acquainted, just, this moment a year ago, direction is polarity: A “ of building city goes up in those days ” sound, development business price breaks away from demand completely main area, those who lean is courage only, “ person has many bold, valence has much more exalted ” .

Bubble always has a undone day. Change according to national hair appoint, newest findings report shows national statistic bureau, august, room of skill of Shenzhen, Guangzhou is gotten drop the whole nation 70 big in city. Among them, price of Guangzhou skill house drops compared to the same period 3.3% , achieve the biggest this year drop. The personage inside course of study points out, next “ gold ”9 month, drop can have only add without decrease.
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