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City of office building building clinchs a deal the volume takes peak period of

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City of office building building clinchs a deal the volume goes gold of " of busy season of city of small traditional building 9 " are undone

Low dish of whole Lou Pancheng pay an amount, the “ gold that allows peak period of traditional building city 9 ” undone ——— yesterday, shanghai bless power estate research center publishs newest statistic data, in the on September the middle ten days of a month that has gone, shanghai building city clinchs a deal the quantity is equivalent to only last year of the corresponding period two into. The personage inside course of study thinks, shanghai is an epitome only, chinese building city is encountering the coldest “ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” .

The data of research center of bless power estate shows, in September the 3rd week (September 15-21 day) skill commodity house (room of eliminate resettlement form a complete set, similarly hereinafter) supply is 342 thousand square metre, annulus comparing is little supplied 13% ; Among them the supply of commodity house has one hundred and seventy-one thousand seven hundred square metre only, annulus comparing glides once more 29% .

Last week of skill commodity house clinch a deal the quantity is one hundred and thirty-nine thousand four hundred square metre only, annulus rises than appreciably 9% ; Clinch a deal on average the price glides once more 8% , it is 12152 yuan / square metre. Among them, of commodity house clinch a deal the quantity rebounds after touching 30 weeks of small lines 15% , for ninety-nine thousand four hundred square metre.

Since September, development business already rolled out the source of commodity house house of seven hundred and fifty-seven thousand four hundred square metre in Shanghai, exceed full in August month the supply of seven hundred and thirty-eight thousand three hundred square metre. And clinch a deal the quantity has 292 thousand square metre only however, be equivalent to only 45% August, also be equivalent to only the corresponding period clinched a deal last year measure one million four hundred and four thousand eight hundred square metre two into. Development business turns the unilateral flame that the quantity does not reduce the price, can not earn the good impression of the person that buy a house. Clinch a deal the abidance of the quantity is low confuse what also let develop business to push dish of enthusiasm to glide considerably, nearly two weeks supply also is decreased in acute.

Newest data shows, of 70 main cities of countrywide August index of house sale price relatively on the month gives now to slip, this is this index rolls out what come 3 years to glide first. Enter the tradition September to sell busy season, of countrywide building city clinch a deal the quantity still is in low wander, was in last year compared to the same period 5 do not become.

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