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Beijing plans to ask a farmer is versed in the dormitory lives not to exceed 15

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  Peasant industry living quarter is banned overtake 15 people

Henceforth, the peasant industry living quarter of Beijing construction site, plan to ask a dormitory lives not to exceed 15 people compulsively, mix in order to make sure safety is scattered living easy is measurable. Yesterday, bureau of Beijing qualitative inspect issued local standard on the net " construction project is faced propose standard of building application technology " ask for opinion draft, the public but on October 22 before, the opinion feedback gives city qualitative inspect bureau.

As mandatory article, seek the regulation in opinion draft, every dormitory living personnel of area of building site dormitory must not exceed 15 people; When dormitory area every room exceeds 60 square metre when, set 2 office at least scattered door; If face,building a house is multilayer, criterion protected stairway do not answer little at two place, and decorate dispersedly. In addition, live of 100 people above should have fire control security passageway and personnel are scattered beforehand case. In addition, the standard drafts a demand, of the dormitory face build a house indoor clear height do not answer under 2.4 meters; Building site faces the door window that builds a house to be in the summer is due sunshade measure; Should install warm oneself establishment, can use radiator or electric heating, forbidden warm oneself with bright fire.

Building safe aspect, new standard plans to set: Overlook the adverse effect that builds a building to design Lv of take an examination to cause roofing component internal force to change as a result of wind attraction action, should consider seismic effect at the same time the influence to the structure, seismic action presses aseismatic and tectonic measure to should be used by 7 degrees. The standard plans to set compulsively, forbidden use can light material to build set building site to face build a house.

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