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Large house look forward to leads price war be brought into the public big sales

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Large house look forward to leads price war be brought into the public big sales promotion of National Day golden week

11 National Day have not come, each buildings dish sales promotion plan already gave heat in succession. Reporter contrast discovers, compare with the photograph of block cloak cover of before one phase, the price war between development business already be brought into the public, and large house look forward to is the part that acting main force more.

Unit of favourable special offer grabs an eye rich force and accrete achieve the ” of “ firm role that exhibiting will be golden week sales promotion, “ of former course of study of National Day buy grabs golden ” to act to had been pulled open greatly prelusive, building of the nine below the banner dish roll out special offer unit at the same time, will subtractive on cost price foundation 90 thousand yuan; Latter is in the favourable ad that 100 downtown made show a building on big media each, lowest of new city of its China scene falls reach 8500 yuan / square metre.

Constant big real estate calls “ open quotation to need special offer, special offer appreciates surely again the catchword of ” , be about to ” of Shang Yu of “ of peninsula of scene of the city of Heng Dashan water of open quotation, drive forms a delegation to be hit respectively additional 7.6 fold and additional the 8.5 sales promotion discounts that fold. And added up to Jing Taifu to take course of sale of a poor dissimilation, will give gold to the person that buy a building, highest achieve 1 jin.

Sale scale investment turns over a times development business that does not wish to disclose a full name to express, last year around of 11 golden weeks, 2.5% what the sale fee scale of look forward to of Guangzhou most room occupies total sales about, the near future had grown one times. In addition, development business pays the sale of acting company middleman's fee, also rose from the 0.8%-1.2% last year 2% the left and right sides.

“‘ does not have sale is the biggest impact ’ was last year city on the road the popular view when raise, it had cast off position chickening ribs nowadays. Wu Dingjin of ” real-estate expert expresses, 11 golden weeks are the sale node with the largest second half of the year, and the effect that depreciates substantially will be most apparent.

Pressure of market of big house look forward to more Han Shitong shows general manager of limited company of adviser of investment of Great Cold tung, big group leads sales promotion upsurge is this year the one big characteristic of sale of 11 city of golden week building, these enterprise majority are had appear on the market company setting, sell a plan to complete year, present more beautiful financial end of the year forms for reporting statistics to the shareholder, must undertake selling sprint in the near future.
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