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Intermediate measures couplet travel: Yu Shi closelies question faint exhibits H

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Intermediate measures couplet travel:

Although “ is big rub etc cast had begun to be covered in inland of purpose all right show property, but look in fund of provide for the aged of a few foreign capital, probably the inning that this buys just about. Department of investment of market of capital of area of Hua Na of travel of couplet of ” intermediate quantity is in charge of Zhong Deyao to be in yesterday " index of Chinese estate diaphaneity " say on the news briefing.

He expresses, in going two years, city of a gleam of is like Beijing, Shanghai to wait, the diaphaneity of estate market increases increasingly, the improvement that is in whole Asia-Pacific area at present range is the biggest. And Hua Na area is like Guangzhou, Shenzhen to wait, the diaphaneity that the market trades still remains to rise.

Because diaphaneity promotes, will more the long-term investment orgnaization of the market cycle that conduces to investor of the orgnaization outside the condition mastering inland, stimulative foreign country enters Chinese market, rent in estate, the respect such as project of capital stock and creditor's rights financing, joint development, offer more entering to mix exit a way.

And he thinks, although the wind of a few estate casts illicit collect fund to exit the market, but, can have more provide for the aged model long-term investment fund, the hope is taken the advantage of low those who induct inland is high grade close lease property, use as long-term investment. It is after all after global finance seismic sea wave, maintain GDP high increase rate and have giant inside the ground that the actor that needed China is long-term investment from beginning to end chooses.

At present our at hand has had “ fund client, those who hope to receive dish of inland during this is high grade close lease property. And the representative that cross a state also begins all right gradually of thorough inland 2, 3 lines city, will OK bring more opportunity and the vitrification that make the market trade to increase. ” does not pass, intermediate measures couplet to study the ministry predicts all right, after the property market hire of whole Asia-Pacific area and capital cost classics rise urgently for years too, uptodate already stepped to put postpone a deadline, and this trend believes to will last at least one year. And Zhong Deyao predicts, financial seismic sea wave won't affect foreign capital to receive those who buy property to trade in inland quantity, but the price and hire may rise put delay.

In wall street 5 cast greatly travel is adjacent be completely annihilated, cast the means of venture capital investment of travel to be oppugned, big rub during the rigor that reachs Gao Cheng to be in state bank to superintend an orgnaization is supervised, big rub the near future is in plan China of the market set now.
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