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Zhejiang plans to revise commodity house to buy room contract expert to say to b

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Yesterday, the reporter learns, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of party of both sides of contract of commodity house business further, hall of Zhejiang province construction, Zhejiang saves bureau of industrial and commercial administration to plan to be opposite " treaty wording of commodity house business (2000 edition) " undertake modification, buying room contract to undertake to new edition at present fair show. The expert thinks, new edition contract a few citizens the note buying a house of easy oversight added text version, protected the position of the person that buy a house further.

New edition contract

Add the segment that buys room easy oversight

The reporter sees, of new edition " demonstrative text of contract of commodity house business " relatively 2000 edition, had further refine. Added newly not only " the relevant property is attributive agreement inside building division into districts " and " early days property manages " , and still have sex to commodity house, the money such as condition of valuation means, consign was done refine.

Compare 2000 edition, in the contract new increased about " with water, with report, wait with gas, road " the postulate that whether has commodity house to be used normally. Also mean, the person that buy a house later can ask to examine a building to check and accept eligible and relevant certificate not only, what still can examine establishment of these form a complete set is relevant check and accept certificate.

In addition, the reporter was added newly in the discovery in new edition contract " guaranty and debt of relevant creditor's rights " , the know the inside story that ensured the person that buy a house counterpoises.

"These provisions that increase newly, majority is the issue that buys room person to often be encountered before. " Tang Caizong's lawyer says office of Zhejiang wave peaceful attorney.

Develop business

Individual money is carried out have difficulty

To " demonstrative text of contract of commodity house business " in add newly reach changed money, hangzhou fills Zhang Ke of yuan of selling manager of house property company to think: "The opinion stalks of grain more the person that apt buys a house, stricter to developing the standard of business, and individual money is carried out rise to have difficulty very much. And individual money is carried out rise to have difficulty very much..

Business of the development in the contract is OK before amphibolous, ask to make clear an agreement in new edition contract. Especially about " the content such as the brand of the main material that both sides ought to agree clothbound repairs a room to use and equipment, producing area, norms, amount " , zhang Ke expresses: "We develop business to carry out it is quite difficult to rise. " the agreement that develops business to repair room place to use data to clothbound before, very much ambiguous ground with " famous brand product " brushstroke has been taken, should mention expressly clearly not only now product, additionally the norms of the product, producing area also wants bright show.
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