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A batch of new code had construction field in July apply

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Since July 1, the code of place of level of a batch of states that involves construction field begins to apply, register to the building among them, trouble-free the many respects such as management of sell one's own things of protection of famous city of culture of environmental construction, history, land made new regulation.

1. is versed in by ministry of land natural resources, country commercial firm politics manages total bureau to be released jointly " state-owned construction uses contract of ground access sell one's own things " demonstrative text already began to carry out at rising on July 1. Make clear in demonstrative text, contract of land sell one's own things should fill in clearly the start working time that builds a project, complete time. Belong to commodity house project, time of in principle development is the longest must not exceed 3 years. If alienee fails to agree according to the contract date opens what complete builds, must pay penalty due to breach of contract by certain proportion.

Demonstrative text returns establishment of pair of productivity of industrial project Central Africa to accumulated scale to undertake making clear conventional with the ground, ancestor be used at business administration office and life service facilities inside ground limits cover an area of an area to occupy suffer Rangzongde the scale of the area, in principle must not exceed 7% . In be being built to residential project, ancestor total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera of construction of the house inside ground limits, cover model floor area 90 square metre are the following housing a cycle of songs in a traditional opera, set model housing area occupies floor area under 90 square metre applicable housing, cheap hires the economy that the scale of development construction gross area, form a complete set builds a ground the demand that the government such as housing ensures sexual housing undertakes.

2. releases by housing and ministry of urban and rural construction " the building registers way " already began formally to apply at rising on July 1.

Method is to hold to " register for civilian " principle, pay attention to maneuverability, convenient people is dealt with register. If register,start, register time limit clearly, wait for the regulation of the respect to registering the applicant's announcement, all reflected this principle. 2 it is establish is mixed refined register system. Making clear register is content authority is attributive the basis with content, made clear the content of register and form. 3 it is the checkup that made clear the mechanism that register further duty. 4 it is the registering type that refined regulation of matter right doctrine. What method decides to matter right law is premonitory register, in build a project hypothec is registered and highest forehead hypothec is registered, correct register, demur is registered, servitude is registered waited for the type that register to make incorporate provision, have maneuverability more.
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