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The reporter learns 9 days from housing and ministry of urban and rural construction, housing and ministry of urban and rural construction, development is reformed appoint, the Ministry of finance combined print and distribute recently " cheap hired housing job to plan 2008 " , put forward cheap hired housing job target, task and policy measure 2008, decompose each province () of area, city.

Plan to put forward, by 2008 before, all counties and above city want to set according to the State Council, right low difficulty door accomplishs the housing in preserving a family should protect protect, conditional area wants escalate to guarantee range. 2008, xin Zenglian hires housing to guarantee a number 2.5 million (among them objective matchs tenement to count 400 thousand) , add year guarantees a number before, accumulative total cheap hires housing to ensure a number to will achieve 3.5 million.

Plan requirement, each district much channel increases cheap to hire housing to raise money strength, the key falls the policy that real economy mixes to build cheap to hire housing in project of applicable housing, general goods housing, advance old house of shanty town and danger to transform, dig source of room of the housing that put an amount actively, strengthen cheap to hire housing allocation to manage. Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government clutchs decompose the task to each city, county, strengthen the organization is led and supervise an examination, cogent fulfil land to supply with financing source policy, ensure implementation plans a target.

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