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Buying a room to gnaw demand of tigidity of price of tall house of the old China

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Although public opinion exclamations, press the Chinese's current income level, had canned not afford a small family in the city building, but, house price still strong. The reporter interviews discovery, tall house price and " gnaw old " the phenomenon is concerned.

If children of love of Chinese all through the ages protects calf, aux would rather oneself have a rough time also do not wish to subdue the child. Family planning policy, make majority family has a child only, the child is in the family cover is sufficient precious. And the demand that Chinese parent dotes on the child's most sufficient expression satisfies child materially as far as possible namely.

House price does not fall, a sufficient reason is rigid demand. Actually, this is a bogus proposition, demand of reality of rigid demand translate into, need pays ability. Price of Chinese labour force is very low, this is the fact with accepted whole world. An university is graduate, the monthly pay after can finding a duty 3000 yuan job has been very successful. Be in Shanghai, traffic goes to the lavatory a little the village of a bit, eye anteroom price not under every square metre 20 thousand yuan of RMBs. Total prices of a 90 small family of smooth rice house is as high as 1.8 million yuan of RMBs, head pay be about forty thousand and fifty yuan. With the youth's current disbursement for ability, cannot cash at all this kind of rigid demand.

Wen Zhou is a model " protect calf " city. Filial marriage, often bilateral parents exerts oneself jointly, bend its are all also should buy the house, generation person is insufficient, build even on (outside) grandparent a joint efforts. The child is in which city life, parents is in which city buys a house for the child, buy a room to become the issue of perfectly justified it seems that for the child. So, this population is less than Wen Zhou the city of 8 million, house price is strange tall, and house price is under macroscopical adjusting control in 3 months in the past still climb continuously litre, open a floor newly dish average price is as high as every square metre twenty-two thousand three hundred yuan of RMBs. And in fact, wen Zhou is the city with a not high salary.

Live in the youth in Chinese city, if do not have parents to help a money paying a house, very few somebody is capable to be in 30 years old before purchase a building; Some is in a Fu Zhi hind, next the month is thrown for still needing whole family economy.

Tall house price of China is to build what in Chinese family a few acting people accumulate a foundation to go up substantially, chinese reforming and opening economic achievement of 30 years, include economic gain of future even, the majority by building place " gobble up " , overdraw.

If, chinese parents make his independent after child university graduates, and this kind of independent and more body is economically independent now; If, chinese parents use lifetime stockpile at promoting old age life quality; If, our young generation will " gnaw old " think discreditable, believe current tall house price can lose partial base.
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