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Building city trend pulls economic pulse to save or do not save cite dispute aga

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Afterwards analyst Gong Fang Xiong publishs Magendatong the one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two opinion on public affairs that help city after half many months, magenshidanli is big chief economist king celebrates China area to study a report newly again with " exaggerate sth just to scare people " appearance appears: As China exit puts delay, the abidance that holds real-estate industry grows to produce the foreground to Chinese economy to send main effect more, once estate loses the engine status that its grow as economy, the Chinese economy that makes a person very hard right did not come 9 years has active longing.

Wang Qing thinks accordingly, once of real-estate industry live to be brought to macroeconomic glide risk, the government can loosen policy control, the unemployed problem that because economy glides further,poses, more serious to social influence.

Zhong Wei of director of research center of economy of Beijing Normal University thinks however, in at present consumptive demand lasts below wait-and-see situation, loosen money to do not have any meanings, "Loosen money to be able to increase building empty buy to lead only " . He expresses, a lot of people think the problem of estate market is capital now in short supply, be not actually such. "If do not have a person to buy a house, development business has again much money, build again much room to be able to make a circumstance exasperate only. Build again much room to be able to make a circumstance exasperate only..

The controversy that policy loosens

Zhong Wei is in compose reports about the research of estate market, according to its current research result, the financing gap of company of the estate inside this year will achieve many yuan 6700, to next year, this one word will rise to about 1 trillion yuan level, "Accordingly, what market of this round of estate adjusts is periodic, what can compare forecast is longer " .

Fall in this kind of circumstance just about, many learned man that includes Gong Fangxiong and king to be celebrated inside and course of study my wife person, loosen monetary policy be full of to prospective government expect. Wang Qing thinks, the relaxation that the step that the government may take includes leasehold requirement to go up, reduce loan interest rate to wait, these measure add main rooms price to drop to conduce to raise a building to buy capacity, improve market sentiment.

Zhong Wei thinks however, eye anteroom shifts policy " original very loose " . Introduce according to him, from the Central Bank end last year " the 2nd flatlet " after policy comes on stage, each bank borrows money to mortgaging " reject to lead " did not drop, or the application that the bank had not rejected to mortgage loan at all, "But if how do not have a person to apply for to do " ? The fact is, a number that mortgages loan application the case that gives now to fall in major bank.
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