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Does economy of be a burden on of Shanghai building city grow building city cris

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On September 5, the statistical number according to newest exposure shows: Shanghai commodity house is new July dish clinch a deal the area drops compared to the same period 69% , the month clinchs a deal all valence annulus is compared drop 24% . Achieve Shanghai room value is the greatest since July 2005 annulus comparing drops. China News Service sends Shang Yanjun to photograph

It is the CPI that perch runs at the same time, it is the GDP that glides continuously at the same time. China is faced with the face difficult choice that maintain growth or returns inflation to choose

The Shanghai that is regarded as one of Chinese economy engine, GDP grew first half of the year 2008, infrequent under countrywide average level.

Building city " be a burden on " does economy grow?

At the beginning of Shi Caixu of total economy of Shanghai statistic bureau expressed on Shanghai government press conference on July 24, 2008 first half of the year, the contributive rate that real estate increases to economy of Shanghai whole city is negative number, cause GDP little growth 0.4% .

With this form contrast is, since 1998, the proportion that Shanghai estate investment holds fixed investment total is maintained all the time in the level of 40% .

Fudan University management learns Chen Jie of courtyard associate professor to think, investment too center real-estate industry, formed inevitably to a lot of other industries squash and replace, the industrial structure that affects Shanghai directly upgrades.

The economy of the city of domestic a gleam of such as Beijing, Shanghai, very sensitive to estate market. Inside reason depends on, the proportion that estate investment holds fixed assets to invest is long-term on the high side. In the bookshops is to this common explanation, "Estate kidnapped economy " .

Beijing also realized this. July, beijing hair changes appoint express, future will increase the investment of other industry and other sphere, in order to increase economic point of growth of the city. 2008 first half of the year, amplitude of investment of development of this city estate slides the nadir since 2006. This is a dangerous signal. Current, the proportion that estate investment holds Beijing fixed assets to invest is adjacent still 50% .

Estate affects rate to what countrywide economy grows, want under and other places of Beijing, Shanghai. The data of national statistic bureau shows, up to 2008 first half of the year, estate investment occupies countrywide fixed assets to invest specific gravity to still be not worth 20% , this data does not include estate relevant industry invests.

Real-estate industry is affected to what national economy grows, basically wait for upriver industry through steely, cement, building materials, and the manufacturing industry such as home appliance is downstream the industry will come true -- 2008 first half of the year, because estate invests the fall after a rise of amplitude, the crop of domestic reinforcing steel bar has decreased 1% . Negotiable securities daily expresses a state of ball of Zhu Sheng of analyst of sea negotiable securities predict, did not come 1 year, because estate investment puts delay, domestic steely price may be reduced 20% .
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