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Has the United States moved whether should our country help city?

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Face stagnant estate market, government whether should " help city " the controversy catchs, although still do not have consensus currently, but a few local government had published measure to carry gas for building city.

The closest case was on September 7, xi'an city " a certain number of opinions that develop about restoring real estate " be made public. According to this file, come since September 4, 2008 on December 31, 2009, in the person that Xi'an buys a house, buy the basis house money amount, enjoy 1.5% , 1% , the finance allowance of 3 0.5% grade.

Although allowance amount is not large, but this kind " the dweller buys subsidy of room, government " the practice still lifted billows, the before a few local government that compare " help city " practice, this kind of way is more direct.

However, in national estate market macroscopical adjusting control is remote below the setting that did not end, similar such place " help city " whether should measure come on stage? Does such measure come on stage what to kind of effect you can produce to estate market situation after all?

The government saves city substantial resident or develop business

"Give the person that buy a house with finance allowance, seeming is side poor, it is to asking house price actually. " " the surface looks is allowance poor buys a house, it is to take the money of taxpayer to ask city for estate business actually! " although be the person that allowance buys a house, what Dan Ji blames is, this kind of practice of Xi'an municipal government draws antagonistic sound however.

Should say, this subsidy program of Xi'an city covers a range very wide, from 90 square metre the following small family large family to above of 144 square metre, arrive from skill room secondhand room, want to buy a house only, can enjoy subsidy.

In addition, applicable to economy housing buys Xi'an town the qualification also was made adjust. Original standard is annual family gross income does not exceed 33200 yuan family to be able to buy economy applicable housing, want domestic average per capita only now year income does not exceed on average per capita of dweller of town of year whole town can control income, can buy economy applicable housing.

"Apparently look, this kind of practice of Xi'an city is the person that the house is bought in allowance, it is however actually business is developed in allowance. " I love Hu Jinghui of vise general manager of company of broker of my home estate to say, government so do even if encourage a dweller to buy a house, if a large number of dwellers are below the agitate of this kind of policy,join the rank that buy a house, the sale condition that develops business can be improved greatly, thereby capital of rapid steam again, alleviate the situation of capital catenary insecurity.
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