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"Policy of building city adjusting control should make a part amend "

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Yesterday afternoon, shanghai resided estate academy easily to hold a Xiaofan that includes partial estate company and researcher to attend to surround forum. In altar of this field theory, institute of development of academy of easy house estate released " policy of adjusting control of estate of perfect our country " research report. The report says, although estate market still is continueing the heat of Chinese economy, but whole real estate was not immersed in the crisis.

The report points out, of near future policy come on stage often, make uptodate the policy of estate adjusting control that pursue is in in carrying out a process actually, appearing short-term change, carry out the characteristic with retrorse effect hard, this is adverse on the whole to the healthy progress of our country real estate.

Shanghai resides estate academy easily to develop institute director Li Zhanjun to express, on certain level, policy of estate adjusting control should get be correctioned partly.

Local government asks city in succession

Shanghai resides estate academy easily to develop Yang Gongxu of institute assistant director to express on forum, at present government to building city be " the attitude is specific, the action is ambiguous " . Alleged " the attitude is specific " , be in the center of put forward clearly " prevent house price big cases to fall greatly " ; But because house price has not fall greatly now, also expect hard whether will drop greatly, so " the action is ambiguous " -- central both neither puts forward to help city, do not object local government trying to help the action of city again.

In fact, as building city low the continuance that confuses pattern, the policy that city of a few provinces publishs in succession begins to show delicate change.

If Xi'an municipal government sets, came on September 4, 2008 on December 31, 2009, press total of the money that buy a house to buying room door, cent 1.5% , 1% , 3 0.5% grade offer certain proportional finance subsidy.

Changsha also published a regulation a few days ago, change building fact fills for monetary allowance, have economy to this city allowance of the person that applicable room buys room qualification 80 thousand yuan. Analytic personage thinks, this action is divided outside continueing to implement policy of safeguard sex housing, more conduce to promotion clinching a deal quantity, active house market.

Yang Gongxu says, the biggest to estate market impact is monetary banking policy, but centrally of its decision making authority, and the policy majority that come out belongs to one knife to cut, this is the characteristic decision that moves by monetary policy. But still did not change from tight monetary policy at present, local government does not have influence, do not have a space to relax monetary policy. And contrast of finance policy photograph is more agile, on one hand local government is bigger to the decision making authority of finance policy, on the other hand in the center of relaxing finance policy at present. So, can see a lot of local government that include Xi'an inside, in helping city measure this, take seriously very much use finance subsidy, decrease the method such as duty. Yang Gongxu anticipates even, after watching period of time, may have national relaxation policy comes on stage.
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