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This year first half of the year, chinese stock market steeped fall 50% , not only the shareholder is disastrous, consumptive ability is reduced, appear on the market company financing ability is reduced, to its management progress also produces adverse effect, fictitious economy is shown once more to the tremendous influence of hypostatic economy. Current, should help city about the government? It is the discussion cause a temporary clamor that salvation still orders city, near future of Dan Xinhua company publishs the article that values Chinese stock market to develop prospect again and again, chinese stock market still cannot cast off policy to save the mark of city.

So, in estate domain, building city already dropped continuously, wait-and-see, low confused 9 months, according to CCTV report, this year first half of the year afterwards of countrywide building city after 1998, will 10 years appear to measure the situation that price falls together first. The depression of estate market besides with depression of environment of domestic and international economy, international hot money is fried outside doing city of Chinese stock market, building to concern, also follow the government is a chain of in recent years the policy of macroscopical adjusting control that makes the estate that controls overheat development and house price is concerned, included the square respect range such as structure of land sell one's own things, product, taxation, monetary policy, bank credit, strength is nearly 10 years most. Result, house price is to fall, but estate reachs his the depression of relevant industry also is spreading ceaselessly. At that time, also the expert inside many development business and course of study puts forward, government this are timely help city, is the policy of macroscopical adjusting control that controls estate made before be being adjusted neatly? To this one topic for discussion, approve of of social all circles and antagonistic opinion have. Assentient thinks estate and industry of its industry chain continue macroscopical economy of China of atrophic meeting be a burden on, anti is much with house price still the argument such as bubble of existence of overheat of development of sudden huge profits of existence of on the high side, estate, estate will support, advocate the government does not intervene, city letting a building returns to reason, reshuffle. But of existence paradox is, when estate develops overheat, with respect to the country that takes Keynesia interpose creed has macroscopical adjusting control, and when building city is stagnant, the free market economism that adopts Adam · Si Mi again is resigned " invisible hand " allocate by oneself.

The administrative technique of different level lets very easily develop business and the conclusion that the person that invest buy course of study reachs the government does not hope house price rises, the desire that this and Chinese economy growth run in the opposite direction reachs his to estate the healthy progress of relevant industry is not advantageous.
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