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The room changes house price 10 years to shoot up what to take to eliminate esta

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By August 2008, 10 thousand divisions are wholesale roll out low to 7.3 fold depreciate activity, the person that many in advance buy a house feels " very get hurt " . "This is one begins merely, the course is successive 10 years rise, the space of house price callback is very large still. " Gu Haibo of Shanghai real-estate expert says.

Inside the very long period of time in the past, chinese estate market experienced the raise on an unilateral, " hurricane dart " , the course that boundless sky goes up. 10 thousand divisions depreciate brought catfish effect appears to have
The likelihood means the beginning of a turn. When this turn begins, had turned round to take a fancy to estate market of the country, be what brought up Chinese estate " bovine city " ? Without doubt, the city that high speed pushs changes campaign is a main reason, but besides, a few " bequeath problem " also should become the factor that cannot ignore it seems that.

To this problem think over should become Chinese estate market how to defy, eliminate " bubble " great reference. A few experts think, come 20 years, although the living environment of our country dweller got generally ameliorative, also pull moved economy, but because policy is not perfect,wait for a reason, also caused the disorder of estate market.

Policy standard is progressively and perfect

"Estate policy of China, it is to be unlocked first again normative, the measure of form a complete set such as relevant taxation does not have seasonable follow-up, let fry the home to gain profit rich and generous. " Gu Haibo says.

1998, the State Council announces to stop housing objective distributive to decide. This year, chinese people bank comes on stage " individual housing loan runs way " , arrange 100 billion yuan loan directiveness plan designedly, advocate loan to buy a house.

1999, administration begins to stop welfare to distribute house system inside countrywide limits, carry out housing allocation money to change a system. So far, housing by push in the round truly to the market. Feburary 2002, housing objective allocates stop in the whole nation. Each district comes on stage in succession urge the policy that buy a house. Shanghai publishs the person that buy a house to be able to obtain the policy of Shanghai La Yin registered permanent residence for a time, this one policy just cancels till December 2002.

The civilian capital of olfactory acumen begins the operation, wen Zhou appeared to fry the form of room group first on media 2001. Business of development of 28 house property is ascended 2001 Forbes Chinese plute a list of names posted up. The numerous rich and powerful people now is harvested in this one phase just about quite abundant.

Enter 2002, policy of estate market standard just begins to come on stage, among them system of land sell one's own things, and outside be restricted, make.
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