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Building city saves city viewpoint engage in a battle

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Not be to help city, it is to save oneself

Area of new go into operation and investment drop the situation cannot get a change, the likelihood does not have supply. Once investment falls down, restore very hard inside short time.

Without land accrual, finance of a lot of places is to be hard plan. If land accrual perhaps is reduced greatly not quite, local finance cannot solve the housing problem of low income family well, chinese city is changed may get because of this huge blow and pressure. If do not have Chinese city to change, have high-speed industrialization and the promotion that serve industry impossibly also, a series of economic growth can suffer an effect.

We market of this round of estate appears to drop quickly, if do not publish new policy, may last several years, to prospective China economy development is a very big blow.

Someone says is to helping city, I think is the government is saving him actually, help consumer.

Ren Zhijiang of president of Hua Yuan group

Need " the liberation army "

If house be on fire, in fire strong occurrence symptom of a trend has not been become situation when try to control, fire can be put out very quickly. But once fire was formed " situation " , it is very difficult to be saved again, can look at a house to be gobbled up by fire thoroughly helplessly only finally. Economic crisis resembles fire same, want seasonable fire fighting, be saved when occurrence symptom.

Real-estate industry of China should walk out of predicament, need the help of government and bank. It is real-estate industry namely " untie a person " , in the treatment with other industry can be enjoyed above capital; It is above taxation, especially secondhand the tax cost of the room, can reduce appropriately, return to the level to before a few years; Of room of the 2nd ring mortgage a condition to be able to be loosened appropriately, level of before returning a few years.

This is the largest to Chinese real-estate industry support, be crisis of rescue real-estate industry " the liberation army " .

SOHO China building dish Pan Shige of limited company president

Do not let engine flameout

Because the RMB appreciates, and American economy glides, the engine of exit is in flameout. An engine follows the city related estate to change namely. If these two engine flameout, so we cannot find a He Yitai's new engine to be able to continue to drive economy to develop. Chinese city changes what process photograph accompanies is the obtain employment that the farmer is versed in, advocate if be in a factory,work and work to construction site. If flameout of these two engine, of be the first to be affected is Chinese economy, it is a series of lowest income next person. This is a complex zoology system, estate business may get hurt, but inside whole chain, the flimsiest likelihood is Chinese economy.
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