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Depreciate cannot alleviate capital corner

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Yesterday, new China branch of grade of financial condition of finance and economics releases " credit of Chinese real-estate industry reports, the main factor that affects real-estate industry credit: Policy risk " . The report points out, high speed of economy of country of benefit from benefit from of Chinese real estate grows and the national policy with advantageous early days directs, present swift growing state for a long time. But as economic environment change reachs credit constrictive, the credit risk with accumulative industry is being exposed stage by stage.

The report points out, in recent years warm up continuously make real-estate industry accumulative in overspeed development very big risk, and be the process that the risk releases stage by stage at present. Already formed Chinese economy to hold the balance in view of real-estate industry part, this industry place involves risk problem to also will face test because of the change of method of means of national policy adjusting control and adjusting control strength. In the meantime, still be in at present because of whole estate market just about the blame of each policy moves inside stable frame, the credit level that causes the market and its participator so cannot maintain from beginning to end in more exalted buy. And in all likelihoods policy changes in, the influence that the policy such as land, finance, taxation, business, foreign capital and housing safeguard changes is attached most importance to especially should.

New China vice-president of finance and economics holds financial condition grade and research chief Dr. Chen Songxing concurrently to point out: "In industry structure fragmentary and flimsy setting falls, administrative levels of inadequacy of experience of loop of boom of industry of presence of business of most estate development, technology inferior, financial management and capital actual strength are weaker wait for a lot of problem, bring about its to face a challenge generally when policy happening is adjusted or the market fluctuates. Bring about its to face a challenge generally when policy happening is adjusted or the market fluctuates..

Additional, when developing business to sell speed to put catenary of delay, capital to stretch tight closely in entire industry in the light of near future part, through depreciating the sale accelerates the steam again of capital, do his utmost to obtain new capital through capital market additional circumstance, dr. Chen Songxing points out further, inside the industry appear generally depreciate sale trend although to developing business individually character has a help a bit, but in short-term inside cannot alleviate apparently the capital awkward situation that entire industry faces currently, whole industry presented the investment overheat indication that give and its follow-up result inside period of time in the past releasing will be a slow process, will tighten up the capital chain that develops business further in future, the development business of seasonable to failing additional capital, the most astringent phase of industry winter still may not come.
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