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House property market is entered adjust cycle to will move toward reason in adju

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It is to reside the house price that does not leave high at the same time, it is not active at the same time clinch a deal. A variety of evidence make clear, firm ice is in the building city that will nearly one year rich of buyers and sellers weichis and coagulate hard the near future is broken. Be accelerated as what our country city changes a course and prospective country is macroscopical of adjusting control carry out further, development of prospective estate market will tend reason. And market building supplies a structure to tend reasonable the rational regression that consumes to the building with consumer, make house price also will enter a reasonable price interval in future. Consequently, in new round estate adjusts cycle inside, city of our country building will develop towards rational direction.

Estate market begins to enter adjust cycle

At present our country is adjusting periodic getaway at estate market level, adjust may last longer period of time. Although market of our country estate clinchs a deal in the building,atrophy lasts on the quantity, the person that buy a house still is put in bigger wait-and-see mood, but because the reason of building city is returned to,depend on on certain level of our country macroscopical economy overall go situation, and at present our country economy forward good quick way develops, because this is being adjusted,a few problems appearing to look in industry expert in cycle is very normal. The country develops innovation appoint Wang Yiming of assistant dean of macroscopical economy academy expresses, the adjustment of market of current China estate, will look from long-term development is active, tell on some kind of meaning have " extruding bubble " action. Industry thinks generally, house price still is put have bigger reduce a space.

Building city moves toward reason in adjust

Regard our country as principal property, real-estate industry exceeds 20% in the GDP share that held last year. The main area as a result of our country economy is all the time good rapid development, although building city is current stagnant, but the industry development environment on estate and relevant industry catenary matures already and perfect, have comparative resist the ability of the risk. Moreover the branch also is in those who make policy field related the country adjust, prevent house price to appear to drop to die even considerably dish phenomenon.

As the country of macroscopical adjusting control carry out further, real-estate industry is in enter new after round adjustment is periodic, governmental land supplies behavior to will receive farther standard, strengthen superintend, and the aggravate that the industry competes, can make house price bubble squashs somewhat. Building purchaser returns to rational consumption gradually, the proportion that will make high-grade residence drops somewhat, the proportion that rents a house via comfortable Fang Helian rises somewhat, balance a building to supply a structure further thereby.
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