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Did not have " Olympic Games concept " Beijing floor price what course to follow

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During experiencing the Olympic Games autograph of 3 weeks period room house measures by a definite date about after be not worth 1000 trough, beijing building city clinchs a deal the quantity rebounds somewhat. According to the data statistic that net of Beijing estate buying operation announces, came on August 27 on September 2 inside a week, autograph of period room house is made an appointment with steep litre reach 1364.

Last in the market low fan when, this sees the dawn of a bit market according to appearing to allow house property trade. Meanwhile, about " hind the Olympic Games is landed " discuss one billow to cross one billow high. The Olympic Games influence to Beijing house property after all geometry? The Beijing building city after the Olympic Games what course to follow? Industry expects " Jin Jiuyin 10 " sale busy season whether drive building city to anabiosis?

The Olympic Games affects geometry to capital floor city

Recently, about " hind the Olympic Games is landed " guess day is gradual much. A few years are in before the Olympic Games " Olympic Games concept " heat is fried in, beijing price of real estate achieved rapid growth. After the Olympic Games concludes, is the house price of Beijing to will maintain is continueing to grow still meeting quickness be issued to lower levels? What this one proposition caused industry is very much guess.

"Of Beijing building city walk along situation and Olympic Games to have nothing to do. " sunshine Fan Xiaochong of standing vise general manager is accepting 100 groups limited company " Chinese economy weekly " the analysis when the reporter is interviewed says, last year of capital drive below, land and house spurt in prices, beijing building city can return to reason gradually after the Olympic Games, but this kind of regression is not meant break through price bottom line. "If say the Olympic Games effect to building city, reflect the effect that builds an aspect to the city in it, of the Olympic Games hold make the urban competition ability of Beijing rises gradually, the price rises can rationally. The price rises can rationally..

Couplet amounts to Yang Shaofeng of general manager of company of broker of all directions house property to think, although before heat fries " Olympic Games concept " already subsidise, short-term inside the fall after a rise that Beijing house price can have certain range, but see Beijing house price for a long time still will continue to rise. "Because hold an Olympic Games, form a complete set of Beijing whole town is perfected considerably, only the subway increased more than 10, of these infrastructure perfect, beijing rose on whole the character of this city, the promotion of character of this kind of city from will for a long time look, can last the building that prop up of city undoubtedly development. Can last the building that prop up of city undoubtedly development..
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