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Building city drops, local government Ying Ji takes a lesson

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A few days ago, an autumn estate that holds in Liaoning Shenyang reveals Fair to go up, liaoning governor Chen Zheng is tall express, want to prevent occurrence estate value big cases to fall greatly. (on September 15 " times business signs up for " )

Chen Sheng makes known his position longly, the local government that can saying is and other places of afterwards Xi'an, Shenzhen adopts all sorts of measure to develop business for estate " ask city " the newest trends later, it mirrorred local government to be anxious generally to what house price continues to drop, because although listen,Chen Sheng makes known his position longly to go up special " adj " , impartial, but in house price a dejected circumstance falls, what the governor worries is after all " big " or " fall greatly " , it is actually not character is axiomatic.

Make known his position to what Chen Sheng grows, reaction dispute of the netizen often objects. Is somebody in questioningly house price " big " when why to come out to make known one's position? Return somebody to think current house price had broken away from cost far, present " fall greatly " it is the regression to regular price actually, local official was not necessary one Jing one suddenly; More the netizen suspects to there is the interest dispute that says not clear path is unidentified inside this.

Look in me actually, we were not necessary to be estate to local official " ask city " motive makes overmuch guess, because have a reason,be very apparent, that is in a lot of places namely, the engine of the only that estate became economy to develop -- on one hand, it produced many GDP, it is the sheet of achievement in one's post of local official to perfect, on the other hand, the prosperity of real estate, pull use the property such as cement, glass, rolled steel, so once real estate is immersed in depression, economic growth all is broken with respect to meeting motivation.

But to local government, awfuller still do not depend on these, and the own reserves that developing business at estate is general and very few, they use build all sorts of buildings dish capital, basically come from borrow money at the bank, on the other hand, there also is how many money in hand of the person that buy a house, they basically also lean with the capital that will buy a house " the room is borrowed " . If building city dies dish, these slow-witted bad Zhang that can become a bank completely -- this was equivalent to real estate kidnapping actually whole economy, "Want dead everybody to die together " . Face such situation, of local official apprehensive, become an ants on a hot pan even, it is OK of infer.

Actually, chinese real estate goes to today such situation, can say to have inkling early. In a lot of big cities, people discovery has residential village only, do not have the place that can earn money with going to work however, father for appearance of city of the appearance of a city plus municipality the canal is individual manage, building city was destined to become water without a source, and can rely on congenial capital to maintain only, once congenial capital is planted because of some reason evacuate, the fish that local economy is kept on the beach by tidewater with respect to meeting resembling in that way, no matter how jump,vacate, escape hard dead destiny.
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