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Judge when: Estate market is returning to reason

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"Do not fall " , "Buy do not buy " ? Development business and the wrestle between the person that buy a house had lasted a few months, the wait-and-see mood of people still is in warm up.

Toward time look one year, when is what media calls in those days the times that house price soares ends? When does macroscopical adjusting control show the result... it is to develop business to advance triumphantly at the same time, it is mood of angst of the person that buy a house diffuses at the same time.

Now, in room city the multiple element influence such as special adjusting control and macroscopical policy falls, house price had the sign that become loose eventually, the market is returning to reason stage by stage, each also just had new knowledge to real estate.

Although be opposite those " I want to have a home " labour firewood estate will tell, tall house price remains the obstacle that realizes a dream, but a lot of people in them are willing to overdraw to did not buy large family no longer model, be willing to improve housing condition stage by stage more, more delectable is, price fixing room, cheap hires a room to also begin to approach their life. And for the person that buy a house to investing a gender, they also begin to regain consciousness come over: In market economy, the price fluctuates up and down forever, do not have the myth that goes up not to drop only, investment also accumulate containing a risk.

"Cost price subscribe, unjustifiable by refund, send 10 years of property cost... " conveniently turns over newspaper ad, we discover land agent honesty is much. Advertisement of before wanting two years, be next to a smelly ditch to dare say his is " water scene residence " , growing tree of two crooked necks to pull his forcedly is " Changjiang Delta gardens " , one is put before the door statuary say oneself are Ou Shi residence. At that time, estate market order is more confused, open to booking false advertisement, illegally, drive up the behavior such as evade taxation of con, evade taxes produces house price, contract from time to tome. Now, pass to experience " big " the estate business of period will tell, also begin to agree with the long-term rule that the industry develops stage by stage: Situation of sudden huge profits exists impossibly continuously, room city because bubble is undone and be on the wane does not have advantage to who. The market action that a few landed enterprises also begin him standard, optimize adjust door model structure, raise small family model supply.

Adjust supply a structure, increase available supply, control demand of investment, agreeable, the price that controls estate rises too quickly, construction housing guarantees system and perfect market system. The assorted fist of this macroscopical adjusting control comes down, governmental responsibility is clearer also, the communalize field of the market, of the government put in a government 's charge. What those estate and relevant property production value take the place with exorbitant proportion in local GDP, also realise estate value spends rapid growth stage by stage, whole economy reachs his to real estate the dependence of relevant industry increases, return the risk that can bring deeper administrative levels to urban macroeconomic, damage long-term development of the city and competition ability thereby, a health, sound estate market accords with each interest.
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