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Does Central Bank policy shake building city hopeful to walk out of low fan?

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Chinese people bank announces, will reduce a year on September 16 period RMB loan is standard interest rate 0.27 percent, saving interest rate keeps changeless; In the meantime, since September 25, in reducing, reserve of deposit of small finance orgnaization leads a percent. This is the Central Bank reduces loan first since October 29, 2004 standard interest rate, also be the Central Bank 9 years since reduce deposit reserve to lead first.

Week of Chinese Central Bank gives out nearly 4 years to lower interest first, release a market to expect long already money to loosen signal. Central Bank this action lets wait for a government painstakingly " help city " light easy of development business brows, but whether eliminate building city to diffuse long already wait-and-see mood, uncertain still nature.

Newest statistic data shows, come this year in July, countrywide commodity housing sells an area 277 million square metre, dropped to exceed compared to the same period very one of. And July, sale of countrywide commodity house drops to already exceeded 1/4 compared to the same period. The commodity house of the city of a few keys such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Nanchang clinchs a deal the quantity is only last year of the corresponding period 3 to 5 into.

Since this year, building city is grumous wait-and-see diffuse continuously, chain of development business capital also has go through one's facings go through one's facings. To keep be between the beetle and the block capital chain, business of a few development begins to use make over the means such as project, land, equity to save oneself, at the same time business of a few famous development is to give out what the government relaxes credit policy more " help city " cry.

The personage inside course of study points out, policy " urgent " come on stage, fell with the CPI last month not only 4.9% about, also announce to refer with Lei Man's brother go bankrupt application has particular concern. This monetary policy adjusts the Central Bank is a signal that monetary policy shakes, to estate market it is interest good factor.

Branch of Shanghai of golden land group is standing vice-president Zhao Han Zhong thinks, the relaxation of interest rate, it is undoubtedly those who count bank short term loan is medium or small loan financing will establish room look forward to henceforth confidence. In the meantime, lowering interest also is a positive signal, conduce to the confidence that establishs investor, let clinch a deal at present low confused building city gives a sunshine fully in the atmosphere of haze.

I love estate broker company Hu Jinghui of my home vice-president thinks, at present building city " manage money wait-and-see " mood still grumous, lowering interest this is right live oneself model the one large support of the person that buy a house, conduce to eliminate the market that from last year the end of the year begins to appear wait-and-see mood, be helpful for restoring market confidence, conduce to before releasing one paragraph by excessive the controlled reasonable demand that buy a house.
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