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House property is adjusted period or longer than expect

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"Note purely endowment the basic problem that inextricability real-estate industry adjusts the pattern that help city. " 18 days, one expressed the attitude that adjusts to current real-estate industry by the report of compose of research center of banking of Beijing Normal University. This " capital of industry of 2008 China real-estate reports " think, the adjustment that demand atrophy and capital take up are adumbrative estate business entered an industry period, this process may be more more lengthy than average forecast.

Begin this year, estate company endowment
The message of golden chain insecurity begins to appear ceaselessly, subsequently and a variety of controversies that come had not stopped all the time. Can house price fall greatly? Can estate company close down in great quantities? Can the bank form a large number of slow-witted bad Zhang?

Estate fund gap has how old

" capital of industry of 2008 China real-estate reports " by focal estate the net entrusts place of research center of banking of Beijing Normal University to do. Group of this report task shows into Yuan Weiwei, the financing gap of real-estate industry will be as high as 673 billion yuan this year, the characteristic with close hasten of real-estate industry capital is in second half of the year will begin to be reflected centrally 2008.

Look from origin, the capital of estate business basically comes from development loan, foreign capital, funds raised by oneself, deposit and imprest, mortgage and land makes over the respect such as accrual.

From Wei Wei's analysis data looks, the capital supply and demand of whole industry slants all the time close. Came 2003 the financing gap of real-estate industry is still unidentified 2007 show, capital was in balance position basically 2006. And 2007, estate market reached a peak, not only without breach, have 260.6 billion yuan profit instead.

Enter 2008, development business fundses raised by oneself and development loan still has rapidder growth compared to the same period, but the backwater of financing source amplitude of the others type not before. This year first half of the year, the financing gap of the industry is fifty-two billion eight hundred and forty-eight million yuan.

Dan Weiwei thinks, true condition is far hopeful in that way without what data shows first half of the year. The reason depends on, before 2008 two quarters, house price still is in rise period, although the sale has fall after a rise, but profit margin fall after a rise is not remarkable. Home borrows money first half of the year put in the forehead to also had been achieved annual borrowed money last year near 60% of amount. This kind of circumstance second half of the year will change apparently this year, of house price drop and sale continuity atrophy can anticipate.
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