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Tianjin the new disc on sale on-site customer offers very long lines "to force

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Strong in a number of measures under the control near the end of the year, how many people buy a house? The developer what kind of attitude will face the market? Last weekend, a number of projects focused on the opening of Tianjin, the reporter learned in the field visits, Although the policy of frequent, but the rigidity and improve the demand is still a lot of buyers, developers also return to rational pricing, the introduction of multiple offers very attractive. Sales offices in front of a long row of 60 teams Jingjiang Xinyuan Hebei District Road and Taixing Road junction Truth Around 10 am on Saturday, in Hebei District of truth Road and Taixing Road junction of the Jingjiang Xin Garden, little has been full of people in front of sales offices, three security in the maintenance of order. Why customers are shut out? An aunt, said : "We have to become a member after the pre-payment, and today number in the order queue selection room, can only go in one after another." Twenty thousand live ten thousand yuan arrived back the principal entrance Sales staff said the project has a building opened in October, average selling price of 11,800 yuan / square meters, only 10 sets of Weifang. The date of opening of Building 2 of the project, opening an average price of 12,800 yuan / square meter . "Pre-opening of that building is Building 2, occlusion, lighting a bit weak, so cheaper." It is understood that in the early and opening day, to pay 10,000 yuan can become a member of Jingjiang Xinyuan, buy two houses can be offset million in Housing Section. Sales monitoring table shows, although the morning had just opened, but the 104 suites have been sold a lot of the source, two-bedroom 90 square meters of selling better. In the sales field, the reporter met the night came from Shandong drive a young couple buy a house. Whether outsiders can purchase in Tianjin? Sales staff said, usually a one-time payment, there are more than one year The tax certificate or social security contributions that can be loans. Mr. Wang hopes to improve housing conditions, more concerned with lending policies. "I now have a room, buy the whole paragraph, if the loans to buy a house now, count two suites It? "Sales staff said that the current calculated in accordance with the family, if not loan records, can be considered the first suite. Reporters to leave the sales office, the line has been routed to the election room were more than 60 numbers, many of which are the early accumulation of the members. Customers buy prices will not drop as early as early as peace of mind Has been married outside the waiting room to his son Lee said the election, the new park opened Jingjiang Xin average price of housing more expensive than the previous 1,000 yuan, but understandable. "After all the houses before the lighting is poor, very co-developer of this pricing Management. Jingjiang Xinyuan had that project is on a new house, there is an acquaintance to buy a house there last year, the price is 10,600 yuan / square meters, also donated 8 million worth of parking spaces, and now the price rose to 14,000 yuan / square meter, with only 9 Building a . "Lee also mentioned a project on the fast side of the road," an opening when the average price of 10,000 yuan / square meters, has sold out two after opening from 12,000 to 13,000 yuan / square meter. " Buy now, do not worry about the future prices will drop it? Including Mr. Li, including several buyers who have said: "Everybody says to drop, can be lost if you do not drop me who lose! To buy, or buy it, because it is their own lives." "We That house prices will not drop, R & F City now opened 24,000 yuan / square meter, no numbers have no access to the previous two years and sold 6,000 yuan / square meter. " Red Star International Wanda Plaza east across the area Buy the big house to send 10 million parking spaces On Saturday, Red Star international projects east area sales offices before the close to the opening day of the discount note discount per square meter multi-stack down from 700 to 800 yuan. Near noon, the sales office of the showings were not many. Sales Member said: "You very suitable moment to the morning's opening scene was too chaotic, it's all pre-payment to become a member directly to the election room." Site can offer eight hundred yuan per square meter Red Star International sales staff said that if the opening day of deposit to pay two million, offers 400 yuan per square meter; if the mortgage loans offer 100 yuan per square meter; 7 days after signing offer 100 yuan per square meter; who pre-Arranging Can offer some. It is understood that the first opening of the project is 15,000 yuan / square meters of rough housing, the opening of two buildings with 1,600 yuan / square meters of renovation, the average price for the 16,000 to 17,000 yuan / square meter. "Before Several sets of rough housing now only three-bedroom 130 square meters, the price of new houses are not cheaper than it is now. " Sales monitoring table shows, the opening day of the two buildings totaling more than 180 suites source, respectively, about 30 sets have been sold. Sales staff, said: "If you are buying three rooms, total 207 million, giving us the value of 10 million parking spaces. Wait until next spring we are not at this price, you see more than Wanda Plaza, opposite the fire, we naturally have to follow up prices. " Commercial customers pay greater attention to supporting the planning Interview, the reporter noted, many customers are more concerned about the project showings of commercial facilities. Mr Zhang said: "Red Star will have its own commercial supporting international planning, sand table is not displayed on the small planning area. I think this It kind of easy living, the house should also be relatively large appreciation of space. "However, the sales staff said, to buy a house in the project are not many investors are basically user demand. Lending policy, the sales staff said Now the first three into a home loan down payment required, interest rate for the benchmark interest rate to 8.5 fold. "And we work with banks, ICBC, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, China Everbright."
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