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Decide Wang Taixin government office

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Property property: Office building

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Hire carry out condition: As a result of,sell drag in building dish the element of the price is too much, if hire fixed number of year, area size, floor discretion, the element such as company quality can affect the change of the price, because the place on this website lists the price to be all valence or the history that are our company clinch a deal, if require knowledge,particular value still looks at an incoming telegram to hang down ask our professional agent. If bring inconvenience for you,be in in your inquiry process, still hope to forgive.
Be in an area: Lotus area
Monolayer area: 130 square metre
The price: 3400 yuan / M2
Develop business:
Level: Second class
Contact: Miss Zhang
Connect a telephone call: 2568555
Traffic: Many cross access line
Address: Lotus area the Changsha City is liberated in road 235

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