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Hunan news edifice

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Property property: Office building

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Hire carry out condition: As a result of,rent drag in building dish the element of the price is too much, if hire fixed number of year, area size, floor discretion, the element such as company quality can affect the change of the price, because the place on this website lists the price to be all valence or the history that are our company clinch a deal, if require knowledge,particular value still looks at an incoming telegram to hang down ask our professional agent. If bring inconvenience for you,be in in your inquiry process, still hope to forgive.
Be in an area: Lotus area
Monolayer area: 365 square metre
The price: 16 thousand yuan / M2
Develop business: Hunan daily company
Level: First class
Contact: Mr Zheng
Connect a telephone call: 4326288
Traffic: Many cross access line
Address: The road in lotus of Hunan Province the Changsha City 1 paragraph 469

Detailed information

Hunan news edifice, invest build by Hunan daily company, it is Hunan Province one of major project of 10 great cultural and ideological progress, be located in the in lotus road with flourishing the Changsha City, cover an area of 10.92 mus, 32, 108 meters tall, floor area 41600 square metre. It is a market news is released (the 5th) , trade handles official bussiness (6-19 layer) , guesthouse (21-28 layer) , Chinese meal hall (the 3rd) , Western-style food hall (the 1st) , culture recreation (.
Hunan news edifice has the modernization such as TV of top-ranking energy management, security personnel management, satellite and computer network circuitry to supervise installation, use integrated wiring system, communication network has agile speech and function of data news report, all speech dot, several foothold all laid reachs the designated position. Position is had in the edifice, can enjoy first-rate work requirement and recreational environment not only, and can pass ” of center of news of “ Hunan Province preferential get the information such as complete province, whole nation and even whole world politics, economy, science and technology, trade, culture, all sorts of news, information can be released outside Xiang Hai.

Hunan news edifice is located in ground of commercial gold treasure, flourishing of person energy of life is sufficient. Can experience gazette of Metropolis Daily of Hunan daily, 3 Hunan, family, Wen Cuizhou to sign up for media of 4 big provincial paper and advertisement of medium of 6 big provincial TV to manage the pulsation with jumpy orgnaization at any time. Construction Bank of the travel in the province, Agriculture Bank, travel that save project, province, province stockjobber, international fiducial, city is the commercial bank, bank that enrol business, smooth big bank, medium each big finance orgnaization such as trustworthy trade bank stands tall and upright in edifice place assemble of a section of a highway, make this a section of a highway becomes the gold shopping centre with dazzling the Changsha City, all circles businessman contends for photograph contest to be stationed in here. The martyr park of happy person also is like the scenery beautiful woman is in side, today person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. Proximate people sports square, establishment is all ready, it is recreational the good place that take exercise. Traffic is convenient, station of the reduce internal heat that take a car needs 5 minutes only, go chrysanthemum International Airport needs 30 minutes only. Solid belong to office, be in business, the place of recreational ideal.
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