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Hunan news edifice

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Office building
News edifice shares 14 office building, can rent the area is close 16 thousand square metre, scriptorium is capacious and practical, removed and convenient, eye shot is open. The design is novel and applicable, use large space design, frame structure, the user can ask to be cut off neatly according to oneself, model character charm. Regard a city as celebrity of integrated trade building make, hunan news edifice occupies support of the people of climate favourable geographical position first machine, devote oneself to to build “ the atmosphere of person energy of life of ” of powerful powerful combination, the soft, hardware of property management is built and choose especially deserve to go up all without exception is top-ranking.

Decorate basically reach establishment of form a complete set
Main body structure: The ferroconcrete cuts force wall frame, metope is all-around the wall of act of glass of casing of marine La Yin of 5500M2, with pane of casing of concealed of high-grade interlining plated film muddy is an organic whole.
Floor: Elevator hall and corridor floor use entrance granite, skirt building and old hall floor are the United States and ground of Italian stone material, office building to be ground of face brick of complete porcelain lens, guesthouse ground spreads high-grade carpet.
Intelligent wiring system: Circuitry of network of TV, phone, computer is buried beforehand, set a satellite to receive system and closed-circuit television.
TV supervisory system: Use supervisory system of advanced security personnel TV to carry out security personnel monitoring to the main thoroughfare of this building, protect automatically alarm.
Guarantee a system: The power supply that has double power supply and lash-up of provide for oneself generate electricity equipment, modern fire control, 3 water chestnut elevator of Japanese 5, in the center of American York air conditioning.
Give catchment the system: Use a town 2 service pipe as fountainhead, underground sets large reservior, have cold heat system of two water supply, make sure cold, hot water supplies full day. Drainage system organizes catchment to have, on the safe side.
Parking lot: Use the ground to go up, underground establishs bodily form parking lot, assure a car enough.
Square: Use material of high grade stone to spell beautiful design, a contemporary sculpture stands tall and upright among them.

Property management
News edifice is internationalization SamSung class big public house and contemporary specialization the perfect union of office building, the edifice sets the underground on the ground to add up to 160 cars. Mansion property management is a requirement with the excellent service of SamSung class hotel, provide 24 hours of security personnel real time monitoring, air conditioning of 24 hours of central changes in temperature, offer letter box of for private use freely, do sth for sb the press, magazine is read surely.
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