Guangzhou land room is in charge of a branch to make known his position clearly:

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Yesterday (9 days) , two same days give a few medium of furnace " of room of Guangzhou price fixing, classics comfortable room roll out defer somewhat, did Guangzhou already show ' help city ' clue? " , " Xi'an citizen buys a room to be able to win governmental subsidy " report, with " two big houses of American borrow a tycoon by the government mandatory " message echo each other at a distance, it seems that government " ask city " can be expected soon. Nevertheless, when Guangzhou land room is in charge of a branch to accept a reporter to interview, express clearly: "Did not help the plan of city at present! "Did not help the plan of city at present!!

Come day after day, this locality media guesses Guangzhou may be right building city somewhat " become loose " . Yesterday, have medium more detailed analysis points out a government a variety of " flank helps city " evidence, include to lengthen development business still cost time, relax develop Shang Jianshuang to be restricted room condition, put delay to roll out economy applicable room.

Relevant controller reiterates bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land yesterday, "Reportorial place is enumerated these are not one and the same, cannot pile to say in " . She states economy is applicable a carry out of the room in already was being prepared, express clearly " the plan that did not help city for certain at present " .

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