Business encircles business to spread or become latent capacity crudely

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Have the family of 1 million yuan of liquid assets, investing estate is a right choice. But town of near future building is small fan your many investor confidence be thwarted. However, the investor that has many property to invest experience ever the gentleman still adopts hopeful attitude, think to be jumped over in building city low supply of goods of the market when confusing is more. Right there is medium of communication of 3 kinds of investments for the investor that manages 1 million yuan of fund: Invest individual and high grade property, dispersive investment many property, investment business property. The most important investment principle is to choose to fight drop the property with the strongest sex.

The investor with periodic to capital have enough to meet need not high demand is optional choose is one-time property of investment high end, if invest north of the Milky way, Pearl River new city or bank of Jiang Dong rare be short of property, very tall to the specific details requirement of property, be like floor tall, front beautiful of good, landscape, this kind rare lack resource buy the home less, but capital actual strength is normally strong, be willing to be bought with high price " mind is good " . Investor needs investment to be able to win taller get one's own back only.

Turnover of dispersive investment fund is rapid

But, the familiar market, investor that has old investment experience is willing to invest 1 million yuan in several property dispersedly more. Like Central Plains real estate Zhen Xin thinks to be able to buy 4 total prices to be 30~40 each 10 thousand yuan property, and measuring a level is to be in hire a circumstance to fall to whether can offer a fund as scheduled. He thinks, dispersive investment can disperse above all risk, next speed goes out quickly your capital but rapid turnover, ask to capital have enough to meet need taller investor can invest a few property, some at renting using, some at short-term pass on using, different investment kind makes 1 million yuan can produce best beneficial result.

Residential prices is dismal can invest business shop

It is OK to have also investor thinks in residential prices gloomy circumstance falls the choice invests business shop. By mortgage 5 become regulations to look, 1 million yuan of capital can buy total prices to be 170~180 10 thousand yuan business shop. But this price cannot buy mature already business to encircle shop of medium business of a gleam of, because this also has investment,personage proposal investor is bought be about to crudely the business shop that business encircles. Current, 30~40 of part of the existence on Guangzhou market year old, the investor that understands policy program somewhat, they are bought with inferior value normally be spread by the person's desolate business. These " latent capacity " turn over multiple likelihood through there is price normally after a few years. Nevertheless investment connoisseur thinks to spare cash is used to invest below the situation that must not affecting the life, if do not have more thorough knowledge to the program,also do not throw easily.
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