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From Nanjing 10 thousand divisions are suspected of the price going to Shanghai false 10 thousand divisions are aureate elegant built collective returns a house, from the selling office make trouble of owner of Hangzhou early days, to what forge " summary of conference of lake of loose hill of 10 thousand divisions " the transmission on the net, all sorts of evidence make clear, of epicycle estate market depreciate be the first facade of 10 thousand families faces eldest brother great change. Do 10 thousand divisions depreciate to achieve the goal that achieves fund of fast steam again? In great change of city of this round of building, the other each district such as Beijing and even Shanghai develops chamber of commerce to won't suffer 10 thousand divisions to affect, depreciate or not
Depreciate? These became the closest person that buy a house and the issue that develop business to pay close attention to most.

"Inflection point is talked " shake industry inside

The 10 thousand divisions of each district happening " depreciate the door " incident, should from last year the end of the year of Wang Shi of chairman of bureau of director of 10 thousand divisions " inflection point is talked " speak of.

On press conference that Beijing is in by last year, the house price that the reporter mentions Guangzhou, Shenzhen is in drop, ask Wang Shi such fall is an inflection point, wang Shi expresses to agree with inflection point view, but he catchs complement to say Chinese southeast northwest is medium very big, each district situation is different, cannot treat as the same. Subsequently, inflection point talking is on the net, media causes very great debate. And arrive since December 23, 2007 on January 4, 2008, wang Shi published 7 to concern in all on rich guest " inflection point is talked " log, elaborate in detail from many angle " inflection point is talked " , from this building city of Wang Shi " inflection point is talked " hold water formally. "Inflection point is talked " caused great echo, inside course of study as scamper boiler, the person of the same trade of real estate if Pan Shige, Ren Zhijiang is very much the person is different the viewpoint of meaning king stone, even someone says this is 10 thousand divisions " conspiratorial " ; And the netizen does his utmost to hold with, house price is too high it is the fact that does not dispute, a lot of netizens are long already to this complaints are heard everywhere.

"Depreciate song " 8 ground are passed sing

What building city talks in inflection point is at issue appeared to change. It is and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen appeared in succession first building city trades the quantity glides continuously, it is to develop business capital to begin to be critical then, it is next " inflection point is talked " leading role 10 thousand divisions, last year the end of the year begins to undertake actively depreciating, in order to accelerate the have enough to meet need of capital. From last year the end of the year up to now, 10 thousand divisions are in early or late 8 cities -- Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing, Dongguan is high-key depreciate, reduced 5%-30% to differ than apogee.
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