Estate investment is added fast glide continuously

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National statistic bureau returned the fixed assets investment of before was being released 8 months yesterday, 1-8 month, town fixed assets invests 8.492 trillion yuan, grow 27.4% compared to the same period. Accumulative total of before comparing 7 months increases 0.1 percent. Nevertheless, after deducting inflationary factor, fixed assets investment was added compared to the same period August fast it is only 28.1% , add fast relatively the 29.2% farther slow down July, show domestic economy growth shows slow down trend.

Statistic shows, estate market is small fan continue to be mirrorred in estate to develop investment to add fast on, estate of before 8 months develops investment to grow 29.1% , accumulative total of before comparing 7 months drops again 1.8 percent. And real-estate industry occupies scale of whole fixed assets to amount to 1/4. Data shows, estate develops the investment that finish to grow 33.5% first half of the year, 1-7 month falls to 30.9% .

To this, golden company is in in newest express in issuance politic report, area of estate new go into operation may see a top in 3 quarters, suffer this be a burden on, four quarters investment is added fast go situation is unavoidable your person is anxious, estate is relevant industry (include steely, building materials to wait) suffer its to affect, add fast also have gliding hidden trouble.

Hua Baoxin holds macroscopical analyst Nie Wen in the palm to predict, domestic real-estate industry may appear to glide considerably later to October, produce more apparent effect to investment of town fixed assets thereby.

Nevertheless, golden company also points out at the same time in, the data that 3 quarters are a government observes period, if macroscopical economy appears excessive reduce, or GDP data under governmental bottom line 8% , the government publishs economy exciting policy possibility is great. Increase government spending, increase certain trade give aid to the policy of strength, a few limitation that cancels pair of real-estate industries, loosen the measure such as monetary policy even then not without the likelihood.

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