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Once the city of long triangle building that city of building of triangle of bead of look down at drops, the near future also begins to be immersed in a quantity to shrink the predicament that price falls. The building city of cities of these long triangle a gleam of such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ning Bo, all differ one's style of work as well as one's moral quality of level land occurrence price is whole, but the person that this still arouses the market hard is angry.

Analytic personage points out, sell busy season as building city tradition " Jin Jiuyin 10 " advent, cover before this dish development business people may collective is pushed dish, in current and wait-and-see mood strong case falls, the unavoidable of a fierce fight of city of long triangle building.

Clinch a deal quantity acute is decreased

Since this year, long triangle is main urban estate clinchs a deal quantity it may be said is to go low all the way.

As long three-cornered " leading sheep " , shanghai building city clinchs a deal of the quantity fall get army commander triangle. The statistic of research center of bless power estate shows, house of Shanghai skill commodity clinched a deal August the quantity is eight hundred and thirty-one thousand seven hundred square metre, annulus comparing decreases 17.7% , fall compared to the same period panel height is amounted to 67.8% . Suffer this effect, those who develop business push dish of enthusiasm to drop apparently, the supply August is one million and six thousand two hundred square metre, annulus comparing decreases 41.8% , decrease compared to the same period 34.4% . Even if is such, shanghai building city still presented the situation of supply exceeds demand August.

Hangzhou government website " net of room of transparent carry out " statistical data shows, day of Hangzhou bridal chamber all clinched a deal August the quantity is not worth 51, it is only last year of the corresponding period 42% the left and right sides. Nanjing respect, although bridal chamber data had be notted announce, but secondhand the room clinchs a deal quantity acute was decreased in August, whole town assembly hands in 2681, fell than July 24.2% , this also is the Nanjing after the Spring Festival secondhand the room trades to drop first defeat 3000.

The analyst points out, what policy of macroscopical adjusting control causes is wait-and-see drop considerably with the stock market the fortune shrink that bring about, it is to grow trigonometry building city to clinch a deal the main reason that quantity acute decreases, predict to did not come for some time this kind of state still cannot change, unless develop business to depreciate actively, shrink otherwise the quantity can become city of long triangle building inside quite long period of time " thematic " .

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